A Simple Misunderstanding Part 4

“No harm done to what?” The Lieutenant asked, instantly regretting the question. She blew warm air into her hands to warm them, scowled at that smarmy bastard Leo as he passed, and fixed herself a mug of coffee.

“Captain and I just having a lively chat on how to handle crew complaints.” Vas recapped keeping it succinct.

“What the rut is the crew complaining about now?” Riley asked, snarling her lip again.

“Nuthing I can’t handle Lieutenant.” Vas said crisply.

“You best remind your smart lipped Crew Chief who’s in charge on this boat.” Keller chuffed, standing up and wobbling, “or he’ll find himself floatin’ behind it.”

“Like I said … nuthing I can’t handle.” Vas reiterated.

The Lieutenant looked to the Captain, the Crew Chief, and the deckhand. “Well then, I say again, Sir, best thing about having a crew chief is not having to deal with crew, but if you need me--” Riley raised an eyebrow to Vas, trying to ascertain the damage. “Let’s go Sir. You look about three sheets to the wind and then some.”

“I’ll gp when I’m durn good and ready.” He groused. “Jus so happens I’m durn good and ready. And you -- “ he pointed to the rooster. “You….” He waved a hand as if that explained everything.

Vas looked back and forth between Serena and the Lieutenant wondering if there was a translation he was missing.

The lieutenant walked a few steps behind the captain, presumably to help him find his bunk to sleep it off for a while. “Mind the sign Jat. I got somewhere to be first light, and someone needs to get Captain Congeniality to bed..”

“Yes Lieutenant.” Vas responded. He waited till she was good and gone when he ticked his for Serena to follow him. “We should talk.” He said in a more calm tone taking a few steps and waited for her to follow.

Serena had her fill of talking for the day, wanting nothing more than to retreat to the safest place on the boat, to listen to the click click clack of computer keys as Doctah Adluh typed away, the rolling of his chair on the smooth floor, but orders were orders. She slunk off the chair and sullenly followed the crew chief, shuffling her feet as she walked.

As soon as his boots crossed into the cargo bay Vas lit a black cigarette. “I’m sorry how it all went down in there.” Vas said heading to the chair Riley typically occupied.

Serena shrugged, arms wrapped tightly around herself protectively. She was not really sure what part he was giving an apology for, but really just wanted it to be over. “Nothing to ‘pologize for,” she mumbled.

“There’s a whole lot to apologize for Serena.” Vas sighed, taking a deep draw. “What Captain did, wern’t right. I know I was short with you too in there. I’m just … “ Vas let out a long plume of smoke. “ … I’m trying.”

“Don’t matter none. I mean, I’m sorry too, I spoke outta place.”

“Literally the only person here who don’t need to apologize is you, Serena.” Vas snorted taking a seat in the vacant Riley chair.

Serena shrugged again, not wanting to fight or disagree with him. ”S’okay. I learned something, and that’s valuable.”

“Yea well… seems like a lot of learning had been going around the past week or so.”

“I guess.” She replied, fairly certain he was referring to Jacy, but not willing to chance it being wrong. “Just wish learnin’ stuff didn’t hurt so much.”

“You and me both …” Vas said glumly flicking the used up cig into the snow. “... You and me both.”

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