Ey up?: Greetings n' all that (Landing Day - night)

The doors of the Lunar Veil cargo hold opened and the punk-haired crew chief was there to welcome him.

"Appreciated." Rowan said to the welcoming, absentmindedly dusting the snow from his shoulders and kicking out the compacted frozen water from the tread of his boots. These were habits he'd gained from living on New Kasmir. 

"Got most of what was on your list under the tarp." The former engineer said, getting down to business as he thumbed toward his sled. Camouflaged against the snow that had collected on the sled, was a small, furry white face. It quickly dropped back into the warmth of it's blanket. "Few extra bits n' pieces too,"
Rowan added with a shrug. "Just in case, like. I'm free to do some fitting if you need." He added, hoping the absence of their mechanic meant there was work to be done here. 

He'd met Vas and Serena already, however Rowan had yet to be introduced to the stoic looking woman who'd joined them. "Rowan Fox." He said by way of introduction, as he held out his hand to Riley. 

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