Ey up? Part 4 (Landing Day, Night)

The haggard-looking engineer caught sight of the 'Lieutenant's' beret and found himself mighty curious. He'd spend most his post-Alliance existence trying to hide his former affiliation and yet here, Lt. Thorne expressed it openly. Unless this was some manner of fashion statement... he'd been outside of the changing seasons of polite society for some time, even so he found that concept difficult to believe. Still, given his dishonourable exit from the Alliance, he wasn't about to announce his past, but it was curious to know this ship offered harbour to a mix of people... and more than kids.  Perhaps there could be a place for him on the Lunar Veil after-all. 

"Not got everything..." He corrected Riley, nearly adding her rank out of sheer habit. "All save for the Neutron Regulator.  I got the parts to construct one, but I'd need to see the engine to gauge the spec. " 

He took the note and looked bemused, rubbing the back of his own neck subconsciously. "Credit's aren't particularly useful out here. But if you have that in coin I reckon it's a fair price. Assuming you don't want any fitting, that is." 

Inwardly he was begging her to let him rummage around the insides of the ship, or even the shuttle if need be. Until that moment he hadn't realised how desperate he was for some mental stimulation that went further than dragging bits of scrap across an icy wasteland whilst avoiding wolves. Less dangerous, more cerebral... it appealed a great deal. 

Meanwhile Doodles had gotten restless again and popped her head out. She was used to people in general and held no fear of strangers. Her small, pink nose wiggled for a moment before she lolloped from her cosy blanket-nest, jumped down off the sled and scuttled to Rowan's feet. From there the small, white-furred mammal lifted up on her hind legs, looking about in an innocent manner. 

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