Wolves at the door(Day 2, early morning)

"Many bettah ways tah make a man's acquaintance than shootin' animals outside his door at..." he paused to check his pocket watch..."five o'clock in tha mornin'." In the grey light of dawn, an on-the-spot assessment of the stranger wasn’t easy to come by, a condition made all the more prevalent when standing in one’s drawers in the snow. The ‘hunter’ analogy was easy enough to swallow...given the two fresh kills now bleeding into the snow at the shuttle’s after hatch. The rest, however, might require some time to permit his sleep drugged synapses the chance to fire a bit. “Got a name, sir?” Dorian asked.

The hunter exhaled heavily at the request. He gave a slight turn to see the sun cresting over the trees. Well that might just be why he'd been so tired. He began carefully laying down the rifle as he continued to wonder if this is how he went out, some last gun fight with some spacer. But he decided if that was the situation, pleasentries were always a critical part of the scene, "Name's Roose" he chucked his knife into the snow beside the snow so the handle was sticking up. If he was younger he might have thought he could recover it in time, but he knew better now, "David Roose, pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The pistol never moved. “Dorian Adler,” the doc replied. “Now that we’re past introductions, Ah’m compelled tah ask tha reason fah yah visit? Tha obvious extermination aside,” he cast a glance over the two bodies.

Roose pulled his hood back, the early morning sun had brought on a sense to liberate himself from a bit of his heavier gear. "Well started out yesterday I was going to bag me a buck er two to put together some food for the next week or so...saw some tracks in the snow and well, wind took me up here. Once I was done with these critters I'd figured I'd just be neighborly and see if I couldn't shake some cold off. But seeing as you're a bit jumpy...well I can just take my leave and save us both some trouble."

He looked near the door and saw the telltale signs of the horse he thought might have come up this way, namely the hoofprints just before the large impact of shuttle doors in the snow and a sizeable chunk of crap he was surprised hadn't stunk up the whole clearing. "By the look of the wolves and that horse you got in there might have saved you quite a bit of trouble. Critters were desperate, might've hung on to your shuttle here if you took off."

Dorian regarded the two corpses. He couldn’t be certain, but one of them appeared to be part of the trio that had shadowed him all the way up to Keppler’s Ford. “Tha townsfolk mentioned it’s a bad winter for wolves,” he responded. “No joy in sharin’ a shuttle with mah horse, but we’re both still breathin’.” He lowered the pistol, permitting it to hang at his side. “Ah’ll beg pardon fah not extendin’ hospitality, but as yah see, Ah’m hardly prepared tah entertain. Please, feel free tah resume yah hunt.”

Adler cast a keen eye upon the hunter as he stooped to collect the tools of his trade. “Tell me, Mistah Roose,” Dorian asked, “how long’s that knee been troublin’ yah? Ah might be of some assistance, aftah all.”

Thr old man was caught a bit off guard by this, "A few months ago, maybe a year. Took a nasty spill off the ice and hasn't felt the same since." He certainly wasn't used to getting offered medical service by the same person who had held him at gunpoint but it seemed like there was a frost time for everything, even at his age. He was still certainly cautious of the man, he knew far less than he'd like to about him to be accepting a proposition from him, but if it meant getting out of the cold he'd take the risk. "I'd certainly appreciate the help, but really once I get drinking it goes away so I'd hate to trouble you with that." He finished adjusting the rifle back to his shoulder as he continued to ponder on the situation, but it certainly didn't give him one of those 'feelings' he normally got.

The medic nodded. “A good drink cures a multitude of sins,” he agreed. “Ah’m the medic on a boat...tha Lunar Veil. We just landed yestahday. Got plans tah remain anothah five days.” He paused to button the coat in an effort to ward off the cold. “We’re in a clearin’ right outside town. C’mon by when yah there. Ah’ll be able tah take some scans an’ we can see what needs fixin’.”

Roose gave a smile and small nod, "That's very kind of you, been a while since I been on a boat like that." He looked back at his prey and thought it over for a second, gloves hand tossling through his beard, "Tell you what, you give me a lift back and I can bring some stew along with me. Would save me some salt if I can get these two back faster."

“Unfortunately,” Dorian shook his head, “Ah’m not permitted that decision. Ordahs from on high, dohn mah?” He tucked the pistol into his coat. “Ah might have a drop of whiskey on hand, if yah’ll excuse me tah go get inta some pants. Best Ah can do on short notice,” he offered.

The old man put his hands up as a sign to not worry, "Say no more, I'll take the drink and be on my way. You've been more than kind...ah heck." He put his hands at his sides and cowled his brow as he searched for something clearly not there, "left my hooks back at home...sonnuva...well turns out you're pretty smart to turn down my request, they'll be bleeding everywhere on my way down." He sighed and watched his breathe fly off into the sun, "Yah I'll definitely take that drink now." One for three on his initial ask but damn if it wasn't one of the better options.

A moment later, a fully clothed Dorian Adler emerged from the shuttle. “Mah first prescription,” he said as the pint bottle changed hands. “And here’s mah card. When yah reach tha boat, show that an’ tha crew will bring yah right back tah our medbay..”

Roose graciously took the bottle, gave a small faux cheers to Dorian and took a long swig. The drink brought a sweet relief to his tongue and he gulped nearly the whole bottle down. Lowering the bottle he gave a pleasent smile and tapped his chest as the liquid warmed it's way down to his belly. "Best medicine I've ever had."

He took a hold of the card and looked it over, "And this is real damn legit, got your own medbay and everything. Looking forward to it Doc." Tucking in the card, he extended a hand toward the Doc and gave an extra wide smile, "Well I'll see you there doc, but I best be heading off now or these fellas' bloat like nothing else."

The two men shook hands. Then, Dorian turned to stoke the embers of his fire as Roose collected his trophies. Through the rising blaze, Lunar Veil’s medic watched as the huntsman disappeared into the surrounding wood, leaving a trail in the snow to point his direction. Rule Number One, the gunfighter thought to himself, Any day you don’t have to shoot is a good day.

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