Ey up? Part 6 (Landing Day, Night)

As a slight, albeit lop-sided smirk pulled upon Rowan's lips, a single eyebrow pushed upwards in surprise at the 'Lieutenants'... slight discomfort. He turned his face toward the kid with the gravity defying hair and broom, his subtle amusement all but wiped from his face. 

"I'd be careful." Rowan warned, a solemn tone lending weight to his words. "The creatures of New Kasmir are mighty tough. Even the little ones." 

Doodles looked about as ferocious as a stuffed doll, her dark eyes contrasted against the snowy while fur. Her head tilted to the side as she attempted to comprehend the situation.... when she figured out the broom was intended for her she darted away, squeaking indignantly as her undulating body scrambled up the Rowan's back. The animal dove into his hood and settling about his neck. Rowan laughed. It was a deep, genuine but not unkind sound. "Except for Doodles, of course, she's too lazy to be mean."

"As for ship seeking..." Rowan said, in response to Serena's prompting, but his focus swivelled to Thorne. He could have divulged his borderline outcast situation in Aurora Creek but decided against it. Made him look desperate and might reduce any potential negotiation on wages.  "...I'm interested. I'm an engineer and a decent shot. Those the kinda skill your captain's looking for?" 

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