To Gun, or Not To Gun (Part 2)

Serena rubbed the back of her hand to her cheek pensively. Maybe he was right.Things were already better than they’d ever been. She was still angry with Marisol for willingly giving it all up, when she’d give anything to stay. Sure there was Leo, but he hadn’t done anything really. “There’s nothing really needs made better. This is a great ship. Just ain’t no harm in learning something.”

"Then why not learn to deal with folk more like I do. No weapons, no guns. You can still get your gun if you want, like I said I ain't going to tell you no or nothing, Doc can show you how to use it since he's volunteering. I can show you other ways to defend yourself if your keen on it." Vas offered.

“I believe you.” She replied, going back to sweeping out the cargo bay. “I trust you and if like you said, guns and weapons mark you for trouble, well, I promised I wouldn’t be no trouble on this ship. I’ll learn to deal with folk more like you do.“

"Being trouble and attracting trouble … two separate issues. My point is just for you to know what your getting into if you still want to go get yourself a gun is all." Vas said with a bright smile.

“Trouble seems to find me easy enough on its own without me goin’ and inviting it to come in and have a drink. Besides, I guess if anyone’s brother comes to obligate me, it’s okay, I got it coming. I don’t know any codes. Adluh said I did good my first time out playing the draw game, but that coulda been the bourbon talking, which is much better than blue label.”

"The hell are you talking about? Who's brother? What obligation? You were drinking bourbon? What's a blue label? What code are you talking about … are you still drunk?" Vas asked squinting.

Serena tilted her head and raised both eyebrows. “I wasn’t drunk. I asked Doctah Adluh about his two guns, because it didn’t make no sense to me that someone who fixes people up would have something-- what was the word? Contradictory like that. He said he used to be a hired gun and now he lives by codes, so if someone’s brother comes calling, he is obliged to shoot him or get shot. I said that I hope no one’s brother doesn’t oblige me on account of I never shot no one. Blue label is the whisky the captain thinks is good, but Adler likes Bourbon that’s older than you.” She explained in under 30 seconds.

"You're a strange girl." Vas said blinking. "His code ain't your code. So there ain't no obligated you for nothing. And if anyone's brother thinks to try to draw you out to a shoot out you shoot, stab or run and don't think much about it." He snorted. Codes, honor, obligation they all were nice fantasies to folk who could afford it and it showed on his face. A mix of incredulous and doubt.

Serena scrunched up her face, looking wounded, but swallowed it down. “I’ll learn to deal with folk more like you do.” She replied, busying herself by collecting some drog hair tumbleweeds that took up residence by the crew table.

"Sure and we'll start with throwing that silly notion of obligation and such straight out the window. It's got no place in a proper fight." He said mopping the floor.

“I won’t go looking for no fights, I just mostly want to be able to take care of myself in case someone an’ me have a… misunderstanding, Crew Chief. “

Vas snorted. "Misunderstanding … the only misunderstanding that going to happen is me pressing the big ol red button if Leo tries having another misunderstanding." He said in a petulant tone. "I know you won't. You a good kid Serena, just got a rotten hand is all. We get the floor clean up and maybe we can work on a lesson."

“Okay.” Serena said, her tone lighter, still not fully understanding. “I’d ‘preciate it. I’ll just..” Her eyes drooped to the floor. “I’ll tell Mistah Doctah Adluh to take Sister Lyen without me.” She scooped up another dustpan full of drog hair. The crew chief didn’t exactly say no, but he didn’t seem to be in favor of the idea. Weapons attract trouble, but, she reckoned, so did bein’ an easy target. Something had to give.

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