Nun with a Gun - Part One

JP between Wandering Wolf & Blitzen
Serena was -- what was the word? procrastinating going to see the doctah. It wasn’t so much that the Crew Chief said no, but he also hadn’t said yes. She didn’t quite fully understand it herself which was going to make talking to Mistah Doctah Adluh all the more difficult. But it wasn’t just her and the doc who were supposed to go, there was also Lyen the nun, who had pretty eyes, just like hers, and gave great advice. The teen made a pit stop outside the nun’s room before going to break any sort of news.

“Lyen? It’s Serena.” She said with uncertainty, not knowing nun protocol. She knocked softly on the door. “Is it okay to come talk to you about something, or do I need an appointment like when people come see the dentist?”

“Come in,” she said instinctually to the soft knock on the door. Her hair was down from it’s usual braid and a rough brush was making long work out of taming her hair. Her kasaya robe was open at the shoulders allowing for the motion of her arm to run the full arc of her long tangled mess of hair. She was propped up on her bunk, Dorian’s prayer out and unrolled from the prayer wheel he’d gifted her. Ly let out a chuckle when she realized it was Serena.

“No, you don’t need an appointment, Qīn'ài de (sweet little one). What is it you want to talk about.” She was still dragging the terrible brush through the base of her neck.

Serena opened the door and gasped, covering her mouth. “Your hair is beautiful…” she cooed, awestruck as she played with her own ponytail which by comparison was short and disappointing. “Does it take long to brush? How do you braid it? Does it weigh down your head?”

“Ages!” the nun said, a smile plastered over her face. “It took a lot of work at first, but once you figure out your favorite braid it doesn’t feel like work any more.” Ly nodded, checking her neck for the weight of her hair. “I think it did at first, but it’s a gradual thing. I’ve worn it like this for so long--probably as old as you are. I don’t think I can remember what it would feel like without it. You know, I could probably show you how to do my favorite braid sometime, if you like.” She went back the brush, letting it slide slowly through her hair before setting it down and scooting to the side. Ly patted the bunk next to her for Serena to sit.
“I do like learnin’ new stuff,” Serena admitted, taking a seat on the bunk. She brought her knees up to her chin, but realizing that would put her feet on the bed itself, let them drop to the floor, and folded her hands in her lap. “But I’d also be afraid it would end up in one big tangled mess and I’d have to chop off one of my pigtails to get it fixed up. I’d like to watch you do yours though if it’s all right.”

“Maybe sometime you can teach me how tah speak in yer Ad-lah accent. Then we’ll be fit as fiddles.” Ly let a genuine smile warm as she reached out a hand to tuck an errant hair behind Serena’s ear. As she was bid, Lyen set to brushing her hair in a slow and methodical fashion. “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?” The sound of hair on brush filled the silence until Serena’s response.

“Actually about Doctah Adluh.” She replied. “That’s--” she thought for a moment, withdrawing a word from the bank, “ironic. I heard that he was showin’ you how to shoot too?”

“That’s right, though I can’t say I’m much of a student, yet. He let me way-lay his target practice…” Lyen’s mind wandered to the sobering subject they discussed while missing shots at amber bottles. “He is a good teacher. I even managed to hit something by the end of our lesson, though I can’t take the credit.” Her fingers raked through the tail ends of her hair in short consecutive stokes as she replied.

Way-lay. Banking that. “He is! He was teachin’ me to draw. Draw a gun, I mean. Not like on a paper with a pencil, there was a target on the wall and I had to try and take the gun off my hip and shoot it. He said his score was tolerable for the amount of bourbon he had, and that my score was good for a first time out, even though I think I woulda done better if I had more bourbon too. “ She tilted her head to the side and studied the nun’s actions. “Why do you need a gun?”

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