The Merry Widow - Part 3 (Day 3 Afternoon)

Dorian found himself torn by the sight of Kate, pouring her newly liberated Yeva Schnabel onto a very uncomfortable Vas Jat. With a hasty burial of the snicker that threatened hic composure, the medic intervened. "Mistah Vas," he raised a hand to draw the boy's eye, "might Ah have a brief word?"

As the teenager joined him, Adler turned away from Kate and the others in the cargo bay. "Ah owe yah an apology," he said in a low voice as they walked slowly away. "Meant tah give yah this yestahday mornin'."

He withdrew the envelope, laying it into Vas' hand. "Found it in tha shuttle...on tha bed. Ah picked it up before mah horse decided tah flop down on it fah tha night. Sorry it slipped mah mind tah get back tah yah sooner."

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