Lost (Day 3 - Late Afternoon)

Gill and Haddie ran until their legs were on fire and their lungs were fit to burst. At first the howls and hollers of the two goons had trailed behind them. The scrawny fellow had even let off a few more shots, but they had missed their mark. They ran away from the green and toward the cover of the nearby tree line, after which their flight became more difficult as the earth was uneven and snaked with thick roots and clinging ferns.

It was Gill that eventually brought them to a halt and they stood there in the dimming light surrounded by trees. Great billows of white mist hung in the air before them as they fought to catch their breath. Gill doubled over and put his hands in his knees to steady himself.

"Are you alright?" he asked Haddie at last and she gave him a brief nod before glancing back the way they had come.

"I think we lost them." Gill tried to comfort her, but as he looked around he started to become concerned about something other than their would be abductors. He was quite certain they were lost. At first he thought to simply go back the way they had come, but that could lead them straight back into the arms of their pursuers. He looked around for some sign, some break in the monotony of the forest but there was nothing.

Haddie fell to her knees then and Gill crouched next to her to see what was wrong. She was clutching her leg just below the knee and when Gill moved her hand it came away slick and red with blood. Gill saw the tear in her trouser leg then and the small dark wound beneath. It appeared that the goons aim had no been so bad after all. At least one fragment of the shot had found its mark.

Gill pulled a small pocket knife from his belt and tore away at the clothing until the wound was visible. The Doc would need to deal with this. The bleeding was not bad, but if not treated and the shot fragment removed it would become infected.

"Hold still." he soothed, "This will hurt a little."

Gill grabbed a handful of snow and rubbed it over the area to clean away the dirt and blood. He then tore some cloth from his shirt and wrapped it tightly around the wound. Haddie sat, silent as ever as a single tear tracked down her cheek.

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