Letters, Lunch and Life Lessons (Part One - Day 3, Afternoon)

JP with Sail & Blitzen

Serena wasn’t especially hungry, but she did make a sandwich for the crew chief after Doctah Adluh gave him a letter from Jacy. Eavesdropping was a new hobby, and, like the crew chief said, as long as she didn't get caught, he wouldn’t have to do anything about it. She’d giggled as Yeva made suggestive comments. The crew chief wasn’t comfortable about that at all. Once she’d tried to explain how Gil made her t Her exuberance was stowed for the time being also as she still tried to figure out what her stupid heart wanted. When she was with the doc, he made sense, and when she was with the crew chief, he made sense. The nun Lyen didn’t say anything about what to do if your heart was torn up in two pieces. Maybe that’s the reason it weren’t saying nothing.

Normally the sight of the doc could brighten her mood tenfold, but today she balked when he came into the galley to get himself a cup of coffee. She wanted to avoid him asking about the gun, knowing she didn’t have any sort of answer for him in regards to going into town, and instead offered up the first sandwich she made to procrastinate having to make the decision. “It’s got mustard,” she warned, “but Ah can make one without if you aren’t a fan.”

The medic smiled. “Typically not,” he said as he joined her, “but life’s tah be lived. Is there still coffee about? Decent sandwich,” he said after a bite. “Sure wouldn’t mind Marisol’s cookin’ once more.”

Serena kicked the rim of the cabinet, at the name. Marisol - the engineer who was giving up on all of them. The situation left a worse taste in the teen’s mouth than Captain Keller’s lousy old blue label whiskey.

“Ah seen her this morning,” She groused, not hiding the tone in her voice. A cup of coffee was poured and set down for the doc before going back to make a replacement sandwich for the crew chief. “She quit. Said was time for her to move on not on this ship. She can just stay here then for all ah care. She left her own kids, don't know why ah'm surprised she's leavin' me, ah mean... us too."

"Mmmmm." He said over a sip of the fresh brewed coffee. "A harsh assessment, mei-mei." Serena inadvertently rolled her eyes. Who cares if it’s harsh? Leaving is harsh. She couldn’t help but sulk.

"It ain’t.” She replied, brooding. “This is a great ship. Ah don't know why she wants ta leave it. If she wants ta get back home, we're headin' that way. Or to tha Skyplex. It don't make no sense."

"Well, then...perhaps yah should ask her. Ah hear we know where she's stayin'."

"Can't." The teen replied petulantly. Doctah Adluh was making sense and offering solutions and the deckhand was in no mood for either.
"That's a pity,” he said over a bite of his sandwich, taking a minute to chew before replying. "One thing Ah know 'bout Marisol. She makes a decision, yah can bet there's a solid reason behind it."

"That's why Ah can't. If Ah know the reason, Ah may not be mad, and if Ah can't be mad, it'll hurt, an' not even your chair can fix that." She admitted. Doctah Adluh didn’t even flinch.

"Depends upon tha reason, Ah s'pose. I personally prefer tha truth tah second hand accounts."

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