Letters, Lunch and Life Lessons (Part Two - Day 3, Afternoon)

The teen snorted, just like the crew chief when something disgusted him. "Ah have a good imagination. Jjust on account of somethin' bein' the truth don't mean it'd hurt no less. An' if she didn't even tell you tha truth, what chance do Ah get hearin' it. ‘Sides, Ah ain’t moonbrained. Ah know it don't have nothing to do with me, and nothin' Ah say is gonna change her mind. She don't wanna be on this ship, but you know what? Not all ships are like this one. Ah'm already gonna be worryin' bout what happens to her next, even if she don’t care what happens to me.” Selfish was the word. Marisol was being selfish, not caring what happened to her or Lyen or the doc. “Goin' ta see her is just gonna make the hurt last longer.”

Dorian took another sip of his coffee calmly. If Serena was looking for an argument, there was none to be found in Doctah Adluh. "Interesting. So, if Ah understand, yah'd rathah fantasize a reason tah minimize tha hurtful emotions yah don't wish tah feel. Is that about right?"

"Yeah, only it sounds bad when you say it out loud even with ya fancy words.” She admitted warily. This was some sort of trap, where he’d point out that her line of thinking was wrong, but Serena was ready for him. “What's wrong with not wantin' to be hurt? That's why they make oven mitts."

"Good analogy. Yah use an oven mitt tah keep from gettin' burned...but sometimes it still happens, correct? So, let me ask, what do yah do when yah get burned?"

She narrowed her eyes, trying to figure out his play. "Ah go see you an' you put somethin' on it tah make it feel bettah." Analogy. Banked.

"That's right. We do what it takes tah heal tha burn. We don’t make believe there is no burn, do we? Yah emotions are tha same. Somethin' hurt 'em, tryin' tah make believe isn't a cure at all. At tha end, yah still have tha hurt."

“Yeah but…” She stammered, “She doesn’t….There ain’t no band-aid make believe or not …” The teen’s shoulders dropped in defeat as she slathered on mustard for the crew chief’s sandwich. “Ah guess that makes sense. Maybe Ah'll go. Maybe. In any case,” she grumbled, “gettin' burned teaches yah next time to be real careful 'fore sticking your hand in the ruttin' oven."

"Life's full of hurts,” he observed. “When yah care 'bout people, yah gonna get hurt. Doesn't mean yah stop carin'. “

Serena stared over at him. Was there anything the doctah didn’t know? He was ah-mazing. "Ah dunno, Ah think if Ah get enough burns Ah'd start to just eat sandwiches. Thanks, Ghuh. Ah still don't like it, at all. But havin' you makes everthin' hurt less. Always has since day one Ah met yah." She gave him a quick hug around the shoulders.

"What a very kind thing tah say. Thank yah.” He finished his sandwich and coffee, before dabbing at his lips with a napkin. “Time fah me tah start work."

“Me too. I gotta get back, Gil is still in town so I’m gonna take care of his share.” Serena replied, putting the ship’s doctor’s plate and mug in the sink before picking up the Crew Chief’s sandwich. “Someday? I’m gonna be smart like you, with all the answers.”

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