Informal Introduction (Day 3 - Late Afternoon)

OOC: JP between Winters and Sail.

While playing a liberated Yeva Schnable was definitely more engaging than a month spent sitting Shimera for a corpse, Kate had to admit to herself that sometimes the persona might inspire unintended consequences. Case in point: Vas Jat.

During her isolation with the coffin, she’d never gotten to meet the man, a social task which the bubbly Yeva now seemed to take with a certain humorous delight. Though she knew her vivacious behavior made him a bit red at the ears, she kept it light and good natured. He was, after all, on the rebound from the worst of all possible breakups, a fact made all too clear when Dorian handed off the letter. She’d watched as Vas’ shoulders fell, and the reluctance with which he accepted the envelope.

Now, here she was, outside his door, not entirely certain of what might escape Yeva’s mouth, but also cognizant of the depth of pain he sought to hold unto himself. Probably not your best idea, she thought. Yet still, her knuckles delivered three soft knocks. “Meester Vas?” Yeva called out. “I am sorry to bother. May we speak?”

Vas had done the only thing he could. He put the unopened letter in a little box of all the other things he once valued. He thought that this had been proof that he more than what he was made to be.

But …

The knock derailed his thoughts and his rushing jammed the box closed and shut the drawer. “Y-yea … sure.” He said sliding the door open. “Speak? About …?” He said both confused and … damn he STILL didn’t know her name.

“I still don’t know your name and calling you The Widow seems, weird.”

She stood in his open doorway, hands folded before her. At mention of the need for introduction, she smiled and extended one hand. “Mein nam….my name,” she corrected herself, “is Yeva Schnabel. But please to call me Yeva.” As they shook hands, she continued, “And I am know you as Vas Jat, crew chief and friend to Doktor. He and Serena say so much your courage and hard work.”

Vas felt very awkward. He didn’t know how to take the compliment and he didn’t know where she fit int he scheme of thing. She was a passenger but was she still? Was she crew? IF she way what hadn’t anyone told him? But mostly he was just still a little out of sorts and grasping at anything to take his mind away from it.

“Thank you? Nice to officially meet you Yeva. Something that I can … help ...with?” He asked.

She folded her hands before her once again, her face grown serious. “I know,” she began quietly, “that you lose someone special. I also lose someone,” she confided. “Hurts. I am come to say,” Yeva continued, “that you are fine man. If you ever want… about hurt...I want you to know I listen.”

“Well, I figure ain’t much to talk about with the fireworks that happened tween me and Jacey.” Vas shrugged. He was trying to be nice though, she was being nice. If he did want to talk, which like he said there wasn’t much left to say she was very much a stranger to him. Thus making it even more awkward and uncomfortable. “I think about … there was plenty said.”

Yeva took a subtle half step back. “I just want you know...I will be friend. I ask Doktor for train as boat medic, so you find me you I am there, Friend Vas. For you.”

“Thanks ... “ Vas said this a nod eyes a little downcast. “... you’ll like this ship.” He added. “Good folk on here.”

Yeva grinned widely. “Oh yes. When I was with husband, god rest him, people were so kind! Serena, Seester Nun, Marisol...I do like boat. So glad to go with you. But,” she sighed, “I take too much your time. Thank you for listen, Meester Vas.”

Vas nodded. “Thank you too … and if you need anything you can always ask me.” He said trying to reciprocate her kindness.

Her eyes sparkled mischief. “May I still play with mohawk?” she asked, before giggling. “ joke! Good day! Seeing you soon!” She offered a friendly wave before turning toward her room.

Vas got pink round the ear when she asked but her admission got a chuckle out of him.

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