First Flight Pt 4 (Day 4, morning)

“No Gill Haddie miss. But quite correct on looking for a ship. Passage that is,” The man replied.

A passenger! She hadn't even set foot out and she already found a passenger.

"Well, you got the right one," the teen said, looking behind him briefly. "Come on aboard 'fore you catch cold, which is hard not to, nowhere here is not cold. Oh! If you do get sick , we have our own doctor, and he's also dentist. Where else can you get your teeth fixed when you're out in the black?" She waved the man inside, eager to shut the hatch, doing so after one more glance as if that would matter. Hatch closed, she prattled on to the newcomer.

"Ship's got plenty of cabins, and they're clean. We got some state rooms an' double rooms, and single rooms, and all of 'em have doors that lock on the inside." Serena crossed her arms over her chest, and rubbed her arms to get warm. "Are you hungry? Roose brought some sorta stew last, but I didn't eat it on account of my stomach was in a knot. I can heat some up for you 'til the crew gets back." She ticked her head to the side to indicate that he should follow, her voice echoing inside the now nearly hollow cargo bay.

"I can't give no one prices or anything, the high ups takes care of that, but they should be back any minute. Lieutenant's out with the crew chief and the doc and our ship nun lookin' for Gil , he's a deckhand, and Haddie on account of they went missing. I have to wait here in case they come home on their own so no one is chasin' their tail."

The teen began climbing the stairs to exit the cargo bay into the ship, glancing over her shoulder as she did to make sure he was following. "I'm Serena by the way. Ship here is called the Lunar Veil, but most of us just say the Veil or the El-Vee. Welcome aboard!" She waved him forward further on the ship. "You can sit and wait in the galley and have somethin' to eat or drink if you want. It's a lot warmer than the cargo bay. I can keep you company. Or we got a little lounge area but it smells like the Captain's cigars. Crew Chief used to smoke his clove cigarettes there too, but now we have a space he made in the cargo bay for crew. So... what can I get ya while ya wait?"

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