Searching High and Low - Part 3 (Day 4, Early Afternoon)

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Dorian climbed onto the big Chestnut gelding, then extended his hand to the companion. Once she was seated behind him with her arms about his waist, he nodded toward the nun. “Do lead on, Sistah,” he said, as the three of them continued their search. “Once yah business in town is concluded,’ he said over his shoulder, “our boat is leavin’ in a couple days. If yah’ve got need of transportation, Lunar Veil’s decent enough.”

“A ship Doctor? I won’t lie as soon as my business is concluded here I am eager to take the first ship leaving.” The companion admitted. “I Wouldn’t mind booking on the same ship as my rescuers.”

“We’ll be glad of it,” the medic replied as they set off after Sister Lyen. A bona fide Companion always lent an air of respectability to any boat they might be taking passage on. Given the whorish antics of the Alliance Intel agent who’d just departed, he thought that a proper Companion, in concert with their resident nun, might provide the complete spectral balance of calm to a boat whose nerves had been frayed quite a bit of late.

The little party moved on, chatting among themselves, and every hundred yards or so, shouting out the names of their lost children.

Between calls, Ly reined the Sorrel back to Dorian and Yazmina’s side. With a wary glance to the medic, she asked, “Yazmina, you mentioned the man who chained you in the cabin--might he come looking for you?” The Sorrel picked along the path, matching the Chestnut’s pace, a soft whinny shared between them. Ly adjusted the beret tighter around her braided head.

“Most certainly he will. Hence why I wish to conclude my business sooner rather than later when we return to town. Last thing I want is him is getting any idea of trying to retrieve me. I’m banking on a day or so before he notices.” Yazime stated rather matter of fact.

“A day or so,” the nun thought, “will see us still planet-side, do you think he’ll come calling?” She was curiously winding her way toward figuring out what the crew, Haddie and Gill included, could expect from their new companion the Companion. The horses broke the treeline onto a field, and the sun danced on Yazmina’s face, forcing Lyen to pause at her beauty. Visibly blinking, she nudged the Sorrel to make pace with Dorian’s Chestnut.

“After I speak to his father I hope that won’t be a problem. I think I have more than enough justification to demand some security. Just in case.” This was something at some point all companions faced. She hadn’t thought she would have dealt with it so early in her career!

Dorian cast a glance toward Lyen. “Ah suppose Ah’m wonderin’ why yah tryin’ tah negotiate with a kidnappah’s relative,” he began, “when tha town Sheriff seems tha logical choice?”

“He’s the mayor's son. So he will want to keep this incident as quiet as possible. Of course the Sheriff is an option should he be less than understanding with what his son did.” She explained to the pair. It was for the most part and rather straightforward affair.

To Lyen it sounded like there could be some kind of political tornado stirring around the Companion, should things go sideways. She reasoned that no one ought to be treated how they’d found Yazmina, and concluded that if high water came a-calling, her conscious would be clear. Hopefully, the mayor would see reason. That settled it; all they could do now was to return to the work of finding Gill and Haddie. “Let us pray it doesn’t come to that,” she said with a decisive nod.

“Amen,” Dorian agreed, “but tha moment Power is challenged fah tha misadventures of its’ offspring is typically tha moment when tha challengahs face some rathah ugly conclusions. As a gun fah hire in tha past, Ah’ve been paid tah work for folk on both sides. Tha old adage “yah can’t fight city hall” is alive and well in these little towns,” he observed. “Miss Yazmina, Ah don’t have tha right tah nose inta yah dealin’s, but Ah’d be remiss fah not pointin’ out that this doesn’t sound like a simple negotiation.”

“Rarely negotiations are so simple. But in a place like this reputation is everything and if I simply blacklisted him and his son from the companion lists could cause the whole town to suffer. If somone as high profile as myself, dare I over glamorize my lot in life, that would all but kill the tourism the town receives. It might even kill the town itself.” Yasmina pointed out. The women just didn’t think it fair for one mans delusional misadventure potentially destroying a small snowy town.

Adler shrugged. “Yah game,” he replied to the companion as he traded glances with Lyen. “Yah dice.”

Dorian, always the considerate one, leveled a quizzical yet stoic glance her way. The nun chuckled, “I don’t gamble. Whatever comes is better than the fate which awaited in that cabin. Let us hope they respect those of your high station.” The Sorrel was tired of cantering at the gelding’s pace, jerking at her reigns. “Time will tell. Now, let’s find Hansel and Gretel. Be on the lookout for gingerbread houses.” A click of her tongue sent the Sorrel ahead.

Yazmina giggled at the comment. “If only! Otherwise we could just follow our nose!”

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