Ready for Surgery: (Day 4, Afternoon)

“Sister Lyen Giu?” Dr. Lao and her team could be seen on the smaller screen at Dorian’s workstation. “The nun who reset your eye?”

Adler smiled. “That’s her.”

“It’s so nice to finally meet you,” Lao exclaimed. “Your work went such a long way toward making this program possible. And,” she grinned, “we show your capture to all of our first and second year students.”

“Yah’ll be seein’ her a lot more,” Dorian said. ‘Sistah Lyen has signed on as mah assistant. Ah’m givin’ her a network ident an’ access privileges. Also,” he pointed toward the third person in surgical garb, “permit me tah introduce Yeva Schnabel. She’s undergoin’ boat medic trainin’ with me right now…hope tah have her runnin’ her own infirmary in a few months.”

Lao and her team all nodded. “A pleasure,” she acknowledged. “I’m Dr. Carolyn Lao, Program Director. We’ll be talking a lot in the future, Ms. Schnabel…”

“Please to call me Yeva,” the widow bubbled.

“Yeva’ it is. Today, the university team consists of Dr. Hendrik Palmen, our staff Rheumatologist, and Undwe Batya, anesthesiologist. Dr. Adler, please tell us what we’ve got.”

“Of course,” Dorian replied. “Patient is a fifteen year old male of average height and weight…are yah receivin’ vitals?”

“On our screen.”

Gill was on the table, lying on his left side for comfort. He wore a breather mask whose hose ran down past the pillow under his head. His body was covered from the shoulder down in blue sheeting, but for a small opening which exposed his wound to both Adler’s team and those who watched via the camera pickup in the overhead work light. For the moment, he was awake, with an IV drip to replenish fluids and apply a reasonable dose of Dorisol to sedate him.

“Approximately seventeen hours ago,” Dorian continued, “he an’ his sistah were attacked by a pack of wolves. Patient suffered a bite wound tah the Soleus muscle of his right calf. As yah can see, there’s significant tearing of the dermal and muscular tissue. Comparative measurement of tha left Soleus indicates a tissue loss of about thirty percent.”

“Big bite,” Palmen observed over the cortex link.

Dorian nodded. “Indeed. Fortunately, extreme cold conditions slowed blood loss an’ tissue necrosis. Ah posit that given tha technique Doctah Palmen discussed with us earlier, debridement will not be too significant.”

Lao responded. “That’s our hope also. Dr. Adler, is your team ready?”

Gill’s eye moved among the gowned figures. Lyen and Yeva were here. He liked them; they were so pretty. His eye caught movement at the window. Two faces gazed in upon him. One little face wore an eye patch. The other, he recognized as Serena, her features etched in concern. Gill offered a smile.

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