Tojiro's Ship Tour (Day 4 ) Part 3

"Oh! Sounds like the crew is back, if you wanna come talk to the Lieutenant. I need to check on Gil."

“Yes I would. Thank you miss.”

“It’s Serena.” The teen corrected, in case the man already forgot her name. “This way.” Serena rushed off in the direction they’d come, taking a moment to peek into the window of the medbay. Haddie was there, peeking in too, wrapped in a blanket, which could only mean-- Serena gasped, covering her mouth. “Gil!” She looked down to Haddie. “What happened to Gil?”

“Wolf bite,” Riley explained, pushing off from the wall when the stranger following Serena rounded the corner, her eyebrow raising.

“But he’ll be okay, right?”

“I’m sure that Adler is more than capable.” She replied. “He’ll do everything he can. Who’s your…”

“Thank you Roose!” Serena exclaimed, wrapping her arms as best she could around the older tracker. “You found ‘em, like you promised, sure as the snow is white!” She pressed her face to his chest against the soft fur of his outerwear, still cold and damp from the snow but pulled back when something scratched her cheek. An animal foot, with claws still intact? She let the man go and dusted herself off. “Oh, OH!” she continued, pulling the newcomer forward by the elbow. “This is Tojiro Yamamoto. I was showing him the state rooms on account of he wants to book passage on the ship, right Mister Tojiro Yamamoto? I showed him the difference between a single bed Stateroom and a double double bed, but since it’s just him he might want the single on account of it’s the same size but has more room. It’s his first time on a Firefly, I showed him as much of the ship as I was allowed on account of…”

Riley held up a hand in a stop gesture, causing Serena to roll her eyes but stop talking.

"Pleasure to meet you, Mister Yamamoto. Let’s get you squared. Jat,” she waved a hand for the mohawked Crew Chief to follow, but held a finger up when Serena started to do the same. “Stay.” She ordered.

“I found ‘em!” Serena called, freezing herself in place as the Crew Chief followed the Lieutenant and Tojiro Yamamoto towards the galley. “Technically!”

“Sorry for -- “ Riley waved her fingers in the direction of the med bay once they’d reached the galley. “Please have a seat. “You’ll also have to forgive the bit of disarray, there was an emergency with two of our younger crew mates. Usually I run a much tighter ship. Jat,” She turned her attention to the Crew Chief. “I need my cortex, it’s on the bridge.” Turning back to Mr. Yamamoto, she offered a hand. “Lieutenant Riley Thorne, Executive Officer, and this-- “ chaos and all “is the Lunar Veil. Now, did you have a destination in mind?”

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