Tojiro's Ship Tour (Day 4 ) Part 5

“If I may Lieutenant, would it be possible to have a second stateroom or some area of the cargo deck preferably to,” was he asking a lot, he was not sure. He scratched his beard a moment, “indulge my passions, painting and a daily practice of Kendo, of swordsmanship?”

“Sorry for the interruption.” Riley apologized, re-taking her seat. Jat had returned with the cortex as well, placing it on the table for the lieutenant. “Cargo bay is off limits to passengers, unless you have a crew member with you. Apologies, but it’s how we assure your belongings are secure. This is Vas Jat, our Crew Chief. Jat? What kind of accommodations can we arrange for Mister Yamamoto’s request?”

"If he is willing to pay for two staterooms that's fine. Right now we are booking up pretty fast." Vas reminded. "This is a ship after all room comes at a premium."

“With one of our deckhands out of commission for a bit, we might be a little short staffed to have a chaperone for the Cargo Bay area.” Riley further explained, taking a look at the schematics on her cortex. “What about the crew berth? We’ll remove the seven bunks give you an empty room - you’ll have ample space to practice at your leisure. And if we have personnel available, you’re welcome to use the cargo bay for a change of scenery. You can also paint at will in any of our common areas. Of course, like Jat mentioned, rooms are filling up fast, people looking for passage after solstice and such. So, if you’d like… “ The lieutenant wrote a figure on a piece of paper. “I think you’ll find this a fair price to the core? We of course will be making stops along the rim, I understand the Captain has some business to attend on High Gate. If you prefer, we can arrange a payment plan for each of our stops, so if one catches your eye, we part ways. I think you’ll find it fair for the amount of space we’re relinquishing.”

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