Night Rounds - (Day 4, Evening)

Patient 01-330:

Adolescent Male, age 15, 5’4” and 125 lbs.
INCIDENT: Predation by canis lupus, New Kasmir.
DIAGNOSIS: Animal bite wound resulting in massive dermal and muscular tearing and tissue loss of the right Soleus calf muscle. Estimated muscular tissue loss – 30%.

TREATMENT: Surgical repair involving debridement of necrotic or irreparably damaged tissue, application of Biomesh 6 for stabilization, and treatment with Rheumone to promote accelerated muscle tissue regrowth.

FOLLOW UP: Daily applications of Rheumone for seven (7) days post op. Bedrest with leg elevation during this period. Mobility permitted after seven days with the aid of crutches. At fourteen (14) days post op, dermal graft implantation is permitted.

Physical therapy beginning one week post graft.

PROGNOSIS: Complete recovery within sixty (60) days.

Adler, Dorian, pgm #001.
Schnabel, Yeva, pgm #002.
Giu, Lyen pgm #003.

Lao, Carolyn, Pgm. Director
Palmen, Hendrik, Rheumatology Resident
Batya, Undwe, Staff Anesthesiologist

Dorian finished the report, attached a copy of the local recording, and filed it to the VCM database. The medic stifled a yawn as he left the medbay to look in on his patient.

Owing to the Firefly’s crew quarters being accessed by an overhead ladder, the medic had assigned his own quarters to the disabled Gill for the beginning phases of his recovery. Adler had enlisted Marisol’s aid to construct an overhead traction rig to keep the boy’s leg immobile. As he entered his room, he smiled in satisfaction at the work. Gill’s right thigh was encased in a canvas sling and held aloft by an adjustable strap. A similar, though smaller apparatus supported the boy’s ankle, thus keeping the surgical dressing several inches clear of the bedding.

He was sound asleep. Dorian noted the healthy color of his skin, the deep evenness of his breathing. Exactly what he wished to see.

Gill had company.

Haddie had taken up residence in Dorian’s chair. “How are yah doin, little one?” he asked. She responded with a smile and a “thumbs-up.”

Serena Edwards was also there. When he first entered, she tried to conceal the fact that she’d been holding the sleeping boy’s hand. “It’s alright,” Dorian nodded his consent. “Ah recommend it. A little love heals bettah than a lot of drugs. Couldja do me a favah though, Miss Serena?” he asked. Couldja set me up a bed on tha medical lounge couch? Ah won’t be turnin’ in fah a couple hours, yet. Thank yah,” he said as he left the patient in the care of his two most devoted nurses.


A couple hours, the medic thought to himself. A rumor had drifted around the boat about Roose, the old hunter. Apparently, the man had made a large pot of wolf stew. And apparently, it was delicious. His stomach grumbled agreeably to the concept of some decent, hot food. Dorian made for the cargo bay stairs, and the galley on the upper deck.

As he took the first rung, he thought of Riley. He wondered if she was free to join him…

“YOU!! DOC!!”

Adler looked up. There stood Keller, eyes blazing down from the upper deck catwalk. “DON’T YOU MOVE!” the captain bellowed, before clambering rapidly down the stairs toward him. “We’ll do this in your gorram medbay,” Keller growled as he passed by.

What fun is this gonna be? Dorian wondered as he followed the captain.

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