Tojiro’ s Ship Tour (Day Four) Part Six

The amount of money on the piece of paper provided by the Lieutenant was slightly less that the amount Tojiro had anticipated as the most he had been willing to pay. He considered offering some sort of counter as part of some sort of code of haggling that he had heard tell. But his face, he felt, had already given away any such positioning.

“Yes.” He nodded. “This price and your suggestions all sound very good Lieutenant.” The woman had the authority then, she was not just negotiating for the Captain or owner. Executive Officer, then that was the one that did official business?

“Agreed.” He again confirmed with a slight bow of his head. “Especially your suggestion as to a departure as I may see in my benefit. I have the funds with me for the immediate appropriate payment. I have some business at the fair tomorrow so if I may board the morning of departure?”

That seemed to be it then. It was a much simpler matter than he had imagined. No questions of who he was, his business, elements of trust other than restrictions as to his moving about the ship.

“I have a favorable, Uh, premonition of this Lieutenant Thorne.” He waited to ensure this concluded all the required business.

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