A Decent Proposal (Day Four)

OOC: JP between Winters, Blitzen, and Turk

Vas settled the captain into his drunken sleep, a bucket next to his bed, medicine and a drink on the table. The man mumbled in his sleep and Vas quietly back out with a sigh of relief. He climbed out and made his way back down to the galley to scrounge for something to eat. It had been a long day after all.
He had done good, though Roose as he looked over the bucket of stew that appeared to have a few bowls missing. He quickly hoped that whoever or whatever had eaten the stew had enjoyed it but found himself thinking more on the kids at the moment. Tracking them down, moving through the wild with a crew, putting his skills to use for anyone other than himself...well damn it felt good to be doing that again. He reached for something around his neck before remembering that memento had been sold a long time ago and the old sting of it all came back.
But at least when he nuzzled back into his cold cot tonight he’d have a slightly warmer memory to think back on, hell maybe even feel good about when he was drunk enough. Though he was old enough now to know when it was time for him to hit the trail, he was of course hoping that this might have somehow turned into a longer gig but as he grabbed ahold of the pot before deciding to leave it there for the crew to hopefully enjoy he realized just how silly that sounded. He wasn’t some space cowboy with a variety of skills to earn his place on the crew of his choosing, hell he wasn’t even some bright-eyed teenager with a ‘can do’ attitude and a willingness to get down and dirty.
No, he was just an old man who had pissed away the only chance in his life to be happy looking to scrape back the piece of what a very confused and drunk person might call his honor. He sighed and resigned himself to continue on in his existence until someday it hopefully just stopped...well at least he wouldn’t have to think about how he had messed anything up anymore.
He still walked tenderly on his knee as he left the kitchen into the galley, but at least it would let him pretend to be something he wasn’t for a bit longer.
Vas walked in with a stretch and a yawn. “Hey old man, sorry I didn’t catch your name. You where the one who help find my two wayward deckhands?” Ther mohawked blue-eyed punk asked as he entered the room.
David couldn’t help but be a bit shocked at the appearance of such a strange looking character in his eyes. Is that how people dressed nowadays? He supposed if bright colors and high plumage worked for birds it could work for people as well. “I uhh..” he recollected himself and coughed into his hands to buy some time, “I had a small part in that, just doing what anybody would do for kids in the wild.” He gave his injured leg a shake and continued, “And I figured I owed the doc a favor or three for pulling off this little number.”
“Not what from I heard. You tracked them down pretty quick from what I’m told.” Vas retorted kindly. “Without you, we wouldn’t have found them in time. For that, you got my thanks. If you need anything let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.” Vas offered.
“Well when you put it like that I sound like a big damn hero.” he gave a soft grin, “But really, just doing my small part and all that.” He took a few steps toward the exit toward what he thought might be the back of the ship. “But really between that and the stew I guess I’m all settled now, best just be on my way and back to my old home. Don’t want to get in the way of your group with my hobbling.” It was the right thing to do, just remove himself from their worries and die quietly. Not quite what he had imagined growing up, but at this point it felt like what he deserved.
“Well don’t let me stop you but the Veil is here for another day before we take off. So don’t be a stranger. Maybe stop by tomorrow, when Gill is feeling better I’m sure he’d like to meetcha.” Vas added. The man was clearly in a rush to get home and the punk did not want to keep him. “Oh If you need a ride back to town just let me know. It’s getting dark out and it’s cold.” Vas offered.
Roose gave a bit of a grumble at that, he might have been old but damn if he needed to be led across the street like some old....well he didn’t need that kind of help. “I’m fine, I know this place well enough to name the snowflakes and with a bit of my stew in my belly I’ll be warm till sunrise.” He realized though that he hadn’t taken any stew and felt his stomach rumble in agreement. “I just realized I never sampled my own stuff though, so if you’ll excuse me a moment...need to double check the recipie.” He hobbled back past the punk and into the kitchen. It was certainly colder than when he had brought it in, but at least it still smelled like deer meat rather than mold. “Better than the last time.” he mumbled to himself.
Vas was about to warn the man but remember he had cooked it and in an effort to not further insult the hero of the day Vas kept his trap shut. He just hoped they wouldn’t need Doc for helping the poor man with a sudden case of food poisoning or anything. This was the exact reason Vas avoided cooking as much a possible.
“Heya, Crew Chief? Do you think you can make some-- ROOSE! You decided you wanna come on board with us after all?” Serena asked, surprised to see the man. “That’s great news! We need all kinda help, don’t we Crew chief?”
“We do? I guess we do? Yes we do?” Vas blinked confused.
“So far we got a whole 9 passengers, not countin’ Yeva or that old snake in the boot Leo. The Crew Chief is great to work for, he’ll have your back, anyway, cause crew sticks together. Wanna hear the list of planets we’re goin’ to next? I have it memorized!”
Yazmina trailed in after Serena her dress rustling softly. “So which one is the Crew Chief?” The Companion whispered to Serena.
Roose stood visible through the kitchen window nearly frozen with a ladle full of stew in his mouth. He didn’t know what all of this energy certainly was, and he didn’t know why he was suddenly being treated as if he had been given, or even offered, a job. He didn’t mind the prospect of course, but the whole process took him off guard.
“The one with the mohawk.” She whispered back, before going back to her non-inside voice. “We need crew, and Roose needs a ship so he doesn’t have to limp or walk around with a paw around his neck.” Serena explained. “I ain’t been paid yet, so I can’t say how good that is -- but the rooms are clean, you get a lock on the inside of your door, and as long as you ain’t afraid of hard work, it’s a great ship. Crew chief always has your back so long as your square with him and don’t try to pull nothing. And the lieutenant is kind of a Mǔ lǎohǔ (Shrewed tigress) but Crew Chief is the only one gotta talk to her. It’s a great ship Roose. You ain’t gonna find a better crew, and not just ‘cause I’m on it. That’s what they call being bypassed.”
“How did I lose control of this conversation … Wait he’s looking for a job? Why am I always the last to know these things?” Vas said exasperated.
Yaz watched the events unfold trying not to giggle. “That,” she said while suppressing her laugh “Is what they call being bypassed.”
“Who is she?” Vas asked Serena dryly.
“Yazmina” Serena said proudly. “She’s a passenger. I found ‘er. See? Just like I promised, I’m gonna find so many, the captain’s gotta notice… when he wakes up, and before he goes back to the bar.
“Girl Captian is so drunk he is going to wake up STILL drunk.” Vas assured his deckhand.
“But he’ll wake up with a ship full of passengers and some new crew!” Serena called back. “Like Roose! Welcome aboard the Lunar Veil!”
The old man had the ladle fall from his hands and onto the preparation table. He could barely follow what was being said but as a smile crept across his face he had only one thought, Maybe he wasn't done just yet.

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