Tojo Paints Pictures (Day 5), early, part 1

Tojiro set up the day before. Numerous near canvas quality cardboard pieces cut to 5 inches by 8 inches tall, close enough to the dimensions of the Golden Rectangle. He had larger pieces available, but the time to fill those, even with a quick pen and ink would cost potential patrons double and quadruple.

On the back of each he already had placed his inked thumbprint. An artist formerly known and The Princess, late of Ariel, had told him to always make sure his works are clearly his. She had insisted on leaving her blood on canvas. Tojiro’s worry of such matters did not extend to bloodletting. At least not his own.

Now in one of the Artist tents, protected well enough from the cold and the wind he began his days effort to add some coin to his purse and some practice to his craft. Normally he took great effort to put paint on canvas, this quick art for a coin forced him to ink quickly, without thought. To put the face before him onto paper with only black ink and a quick thought to something to make it meaningful to the patron. And a story, short, keep them moving.

With each quickly made portrait Tojiro embellished with a bit of Asian history or flair of some sort. One of the first was Kan’on, or Guanyin as she was more well known. He inked in a crescent moon behind the facial features and some flowing lines of water as well as the Chinese Character for the Goddess. A quick story of her as the champion of the common folk and child bearing.

A young man became Enlil, the great Sumerian Ruler of their Pantheon, the heavy beard and powerful pick axe along one of the borders. And as with them all a small inking of his ‘artist’ name, Tojo , in the lower right corner.

A bit bemused at the interest of a small group that had formed kept him smiling and quite happy. The encouragement felt good. He began to greatly enjoy the day.

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