Is that a Yeva on your back? - (Day 5 - Morning)

He paused as the infirmary door slid open. Sister Lyen stood there. She blinked, then turned. “No no, Sistah!” Dorian chuckled. “C’mon in! Yeva’s tryin’ tah fix mah back…bad night on tha couch.”

“Good morning, Seester!” Yeva bubbled as she placed her left elbow onto the small of Dorian’s back. “No, we are make pop!”

As she thrust her elbow into his back, Dorian felt, rather than heard, the sudden crunch. “Ah swear,” he grunted, “yah gonna kill me.”

Eyebrows raised, the nun entered the medbay. Dorian's posture--bent over, elbows flat on the counter, and Yeva behind him, hands on his back--made her mind wander. She was starting to remember that when good-natured people inhabit the same space for a while, the walls separating physical space begin to comfortably deteriorate. If she was honest, she'd seen the same behavior in herself. With Marisol. Even with Dorian--not to this point, though. Nuns of the Order of the Interverse were taught that touch was a physical manifestation of sensuality. Especially concerning the opposite sex.

"Good morning Yeva, Dorian," her eyes sheepishly skirted their entanglement. Though the display may not have been romantic, it was certainly intimate. "Couch, huh? We might have some beds to spare, maybe we should check with Riley-" her face went a shade of white. She'd overheard Serena discussing in her non-inside voice about what Dorian and Riley were doing last night in the infirmary. "I mean, I bet she knows where empty beds might be, since, you know, she knows that sort of thing." Lyen was pursing her lips while looking at the ceiling.

"I was picking up some gauze in case I needed to redress Gill's leg," she continued, half reminding herself, half looking for something to busy her hands with. "He was still sleeping when I left him." Ly felt like she was being childish, but it stirred something in her to see acquaintances--no friends--relating so carnally, Yeva or Riley or Dorian notwithstanding. She wondered if this were part of the life that Dorian referenced on their snowy search two nights ago. Concluding that she'd follow up on it at another time, she turned, gauze in hand, back toward the pair.

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