True Companion Ship (Day 5)

Riley’s trusty cortex was getting a workout, what with a whole ship up and canceling service to New Kasmir, leaving passengers stranded and scrambling. She’d sent Jat and Edwards to let it be known that the Lunar Veil had room, and in fact this was the second single stateroom they were renting out, but one look at the woman sitting in the lounge, and Riley scowled. Another ruttin’ companion, come to ruffle feathers and in general be a pain in the ass. But credits were credits, and judging from the dress she wore, she had plenty of them. She’d be on the high end of the sliding scale.

“Nice to meet you,” she said curtly “I’m Lieutenant Riley Thorne, executive officer, I’m putting together our ship roster, and understand you’re interested in a state room going to the core?”

Yaz stood and smiled pleasantly. “Please to Lieutenant Thorne. I am and if possible I would live to know where we would be stopping on the way and for how long? It would help immensely in allowing me to continue to work as the ship travels to the core … If, that is, alright with you?”

“I can get you a list of where we’re stopping, mostly rim planets, Georgia, Blue Sun, few sky plex’s.”

“There is always work to be had, just have put in the effort to find it.” The companion assured the Lieutenant.

“Our last “companion” would beg to differ, but as long as you aren’t too disruptive to the crew or passengers, whatever you need to do.”

Yaz couldn’t help but wonder how she could be disruptive but let it slide. It wasn’t common but this previous companion could have been less than professional. It happened. “I would love nothing more than to keep things as harmonious as possible.” She said. “So do we have an arrangement?”

“We do. I’d prefer a flat fee per planet. Our last arrangement of percentage for each client screwed us more than I care to remember, however, for 3% per meeting, we can arrange for you to use the shuttle, so long as you agree to keep it tidy and not leave any toys or paraphernalia lying about. We ask that you be respectful, we do have children on board.”

Yaz tilted her head curiously. “You have piqued my curiosity … what kind companion did you have?!” This woman sounded AWFUL. “If your shuttle is available for rent that dose interest me but much like you I would simply prefer a flat rate. I don’t much like hinting how much I charge my clients.” She noted.

“You don’t even want to know. Ship was littered with up thrust bootie shorts and toys of the trade. The shuttle’s been sanitized.”

"Are … you sure she was a companion?" Yazmina asked slowly appalled. "I mean with the rather graphic description I can't help but wonder if she had been … less than honest." Yaz was shocked. The whole thing scream of such lack of professionalism she just could not picture it! "It just strike me of someone acting in a way one THINKS a companion might be like as opposed to what a companion actually is."

“I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what she was, Miss Hanzo, except a disaster. The word discreet seemed to escape her vocabulary. The word Lewd did not. We’d appreciate decorum. I’ll make sure your privacy is respected, if you make sure there are no graphic descriptions at the galley table. Do we have an understanding?”

"Sweet Merciful Buddha!" Yazmina said scrunching her nose is disgust. "Words … fail me Lieutenant. If you want I can provide my credentials to assure you of my legitimacy." The companion said to assure her.

“No, no, Laloyd had papers too, action speaks louder than words. I just thought it best to lay down some ground rules.’

"Fair enough. If things work out, given the enthusiasm and bright picture you pigtailed sales girl painted, perhaps we can revisit this conversation before we approach a major core world. I do so very much like to travel. Shall we work on the paperwork then for the shuttle rental?" Yaz motioned for Riley to sit. "Would you like some coffee or tea?" She offered.

“What? No, I have…” RIley sat down despite herself, the experience was completely different from a naked waif twirling about spewing nonsense about ,,,, whatever struck her mind. “Here’s a number I think fair. If you agree to it, Please sign the bottom of the cortex if you do.” Riley replied.

Yaz carefully read over the agreement. The number was a fair one and she honestly had expected to be a bit higher. Satisfied Yazmina gave her thumb print. "I'm sure in spite of your previous …"Yaz tried to think of the right word. "... incident with your misadventure with the prior companion. You might be familiar with a companion contract? Yazmina tapes the Cortex entering her I'd to draw up the contract. "It quite standard I'm sure you know." She said passing it back to Riley to sign.

“No in fact, I’m not. Our other ‘companion’ presented no documentation of her … activities.” She replied, “but she was fond of talking them up, that’s for sure.”

"I am finding myself less and less assured this person was an actual companion and was simply pretending to be one. Poorly. " Yaz said with a shake of her head. "In any case it is Guild policy, mostly to insure that the integrity of the Guild can be maintained. Nothing unreasonable. Notice if there are changes in flight plans, the ability to keep appointments … " Yaz listed showing the Lieutenant. " … And you enter here where you would like the payment made to. Credit transfer for rent is typically done on the first of the month." She explained.

Riley read through the cortex documents with a raised eyebrow. It guaranteed a flat rate ‘rent’ for Yazmina’s room, as well as a flat rate incentive based on length of time for her escort’s stay, use of amenities, etc. In return, Yazmina would be notified of destinations and eta’s as soon as they became available.

“Well,” she replied after initialing and signing. “Looks like you’re an independent contractor. Welcome aboard the Lunar Veil!”

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