Who is this Dentist? (Day 5 Morning)

As his eyes studied the injury, he finally worked himself around to the silence between them. “Sistah,” Dorian said carefully, “Ah’d be very much obliged if yah’d tell me what has gone amiss between us?”

In truth, she was still deciding whether or not to harden or soften to Dorian. His usual careful attention was present vis-à-vis Haddie, Gill, and now this Roose. Never once did he snap or push in the whole process of ministering to the needy onboard. She watched him, silhouetted against the wall screen. In the end, she decided the direct route was best. After all, he had earned a candid answer, that much she knew. With a deep breath in she continued.

"I heard a story from Serena. Well, overheard more like. She painted quite the picture of you and Riley together, yesterday evening. And then, well, I came in this morning to see Yeva with her hands on you. I mean no disrespect to you or her or Riley. I know you have every right to be exactly how you are, but you told me you were no stranger to the flesh." The nun paused and swallowed.

"I suppose I want to know what kind of a man I'm learning from." Lyen tilted her head to face him. "Because I want to learn," she glanced at the wall screen behind, "all of this. And I know you can teach me."

There was something else, too. Something that brought with it pistols and the cabaret and bourbon. Her jaw clenched, "If I'm honest, you've stirred something in me. Something I'm still trying to understand."

She rose from the stool to cross her arms, "I think I just need to know what to expect from you before I learn what you have to teach me, because I don't think I can do this without being your friend." Ly's eyes glittered, reflecting the medical scans. Dorian rested with one arm folded over the other, his hand stroking his chin.

There was a beat before she added, "If I need to knock before I come in, I can live with that. But both Riley and Yeva are beautiful people, and I wouldn't want to see either of them heart broken." It was difficult, looking at Dorian and picturing someone who might hurt Riley or Yeva. It seemed almost impossible, in light of the time she'd spent with him. For all she knew, she may be putting her foot in her mouth, but there was an unknown, a mysterious quality to the genteel man before her.

"When you asked me to teach you to pray, I was excited. The path to enlightenment can be a lonely journey, but when shared, it can bond us. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as judging or blaming, I just want to better understand what's between us."

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