Home is where the Haddie is...

Day 5 morning

Gill was drifting in and out of consciousness. He could see a sea of familiar faces surrounding him. They moved in and out of focus and their voices intermingled in a cacophony of whispered sound that was both confusing and soothing at the same time.

"In a ‘Verse full of pain
May we be relief."

The words found him in the darkness. They pierced the shroud that smothered his senses and caused him to stir. There was pain beyond the darkness, he knew that. Here in the shadows of his dreams he could hide from the healing that must come.

"In a ‘Verse filled with suffering,
Let there be enlightenment."

Feelings. Sensations began to trickle back, like the first eager fingers of a new born spring. There was pain yes, but it was still a distant, dull thing. He tried to move and found his leg restrained. The sharp pull of healing flesh caused him to grow still and he gasped lightly as a white hot spark of agony brought him the rest of the way round. He had not noticed until then that someone had been holding his hand. It was the release of pressure and the sudden removal of the others warmth from his skin that told him that his hand had been released. He stretched his fingers willing for that comforting touch to return. To drive away the pain.

"May we be the salve,
To all beings in the ‘Verse.”

He was as weak as a kitten. Even the effort of opening his eyes was too much. It seemed at one point like he was ready to surface. His lids flickered for a moment letting in a smudge of harsh light and then... nothing. He slept once more.

When he came round again much later it was to find Lyen there. She was dressing the wound on his leg. Groggily he rubbed sleep from his eyes and yawned, then winced. The pain was back again and he looked down to see his leg bound and suspended above the sheets. Lyen looked up offering a warm smile.

"Gill, I'm just finishing up. But after this, how about I bring you some breakfast, hmm?"

The door opened then and for the first time Gill realised he was not in his own room. The Doc was here and... wait this was the Docs room.

“Good mornin’ Miss Haddie,” Dorian greeted his sister as she cautiously crept in. “Let’s have a look at yah leg. C’mon…hop on up.”

Gill listened to the man talk to Haddie and Lyen. There was something strange about the way he and the nun spoke to each other. Something different. A stiffness. He wondered if they had fallen out. Adults did that all the time. He shrugged off the concern. They would work it out.

Haddie was by his side now. She reached out and gripped his arm. He gave her his bravest smile and she returned the geasture. Everything would be alright now.

They were home.

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