Doctor - Patient Confidentiality

"The name's Bolak my good doctor, I have arranged passage in this vessel with your Captain and alas, I have suffered a small wound in the galley that requires cleaning. Nothing too serious."

Haddie stepped forward then, a guilty look on her face and handed Dorian the fork. She gave Bolak a grateful smile and a shrug.

"It was an accident," Bolak assured, "My fault entirely."

Dorian examined the fork. "Indeed," he lifted an eyebrow toward Haddie. "Well, then, let's make yah comfortable, Mistah Bolak." The treatment table emitted a soft whirring as it lowered to accommodate the newest passenger. Once it had shifted into the "chair" setting, Dorian invited the little man to take a seat. The chair lifted again, bringing Bolak to a proper working height. "This is Sistah Lyen Giu, mah assistant. Ah'm Doctah Dorian Adler, tha medic."

He lifted his eyes toward the nun. "Sistah, would yah care tah take tha lead on this one?"

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