Solstice Painting part 2, Day 5, Afternoon

“There is something there I would like to paint, though I am not sure yet what it is.” Tojiro smiled at the girl and the deck chief. “I am very eager to try and find out what it is.”

Serena accepted the picture from Tojiro Yamamoto and tilted her head to the side while studying it.

“With my complements to the laborers of the Lunar Veil.”

It wasn’t a picture of the Lunar Veil at all. Instead, it was a picture of a rabbit with floppy, lopsided ears and a rooster of all things, surrounded by scribbles, words, maybe. Then again, seeing as the man smelled like the Captain after he come strolling in from the bar, and judging from how his words slurred together, it’s possible he misunderstood “Firefly ship” with random animals.

Vas scrunched his nose and tilted his head some. "I gots not a clue … why did he draw barnyard animals." Vas whispered to Serena. She seemed to have a better grasp of people that Vas so maybe there was a reason behind the randomness of it all. Granted it was adorable the drawing. The over sized eyes, the extra fluff on the bunny. "Uh … thanks …. What was his name Serena?"

“Tojiro Yamamoto.” She replied, straightening one of her pigtails. Stupid hat made them uneven again. “I’m gonna hang this up in my room so I can see it all the time. And I look forward to the one of the Firefly, the ship, the Lunar Veil, you remember?”

"Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita Yamamoto-san." Vas said with a nod. "You think he'll make it back to the ship okay?" He asked his pigtailed companion.

“Captain always does,” she replied with a shrug. “But maybe we *sholdd* help him back?” She turned her attention back to the man and his bottle. “Do you think it’ll make it back to the Lunar Veil, or do you need an escort?”

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