With a Fork? (Day 5 - Morning)

A silent alarm sounded in Lyen when the medic took her hand, and again when he mentioned his love for her. The thin veil between the concept of love and the utterance of it split, but his touch grounded her from this heady reality. Her heart was pounding in her throat, but the nun watched the scans nodding. Flexing her jaw, she considered what she was feeling silently, before discarding the thought for another time.

A knock at the door, and then the man appeared: Bolak. Haddie was in tow, and when she revealed what she had done, Lyen couldn't help but worry. There she was, her sworn charge, yet again in trouble, though her assailee seemed much less affected this time around. It would be a feat to watch over these children and take on additional duties under Dorian, but she'd find a way.

Lyen bent to Haddie's height, placing a slender hand on her shoulder. Face to face, she watched the girl's one eye with a comforting smile. Lyen fussed her hair gently and stood again, wondering why there was the slightest smell of drogg food in the air.

As Dorian settled Mr. Bolak on the treatment table, she responded to the medic's introduction.

"Amituofo, Mr. Bolak. Welcome aboard the Lunar Veil." Lyen nodded to Dorian's query while sidling up to the shorter man's injured hand.

"If I may," two small hands held Bolak's, articulating it tenderly this way and that, "we may need duller cutlery on this ship. But don't worry, we'll clean and bandage you up." Her orange robe rustled as she turned from her patient to the counter where she donned gloves and located a swab.

Returning to his side, she adjusted a lamp closer to the man's open palm. She extricated the alcohol swab from it's packaging, "This may sting a little, Mr. Bolak." In several small strokes, the medic's assistant applied the swab around the affected area.

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