This may sting a little, Mr. Bolak.

Bolak watched as the tall woman began to fix up his hand. Her touch was equally tender and firmly reassuring. A natural. Her intricate braids shifted before his eyes and he could not help but enjoy the clean fresh scent of her as she set about cleaning the wound. He had learned long ago that it was safe to enjoy beauty within the confines of his mind, just not to express such thoughts without the safety net of humour. However, he was not so enraptured as to not perform a quick study of the ships doctor, or to notice Haddie silently slip out of the room once the adults were suitably occupied.

The Doc had a slight build and equalled the woman in height. To him they were both towering and imposing of course but as Bolak judged such things he was average in height. His attire was smart, well considered and something about his stance and movement told of a readiness for action. This man was well used to having guns hanging from that expensive leather belt. Thus far the Doctor was the most dangerous person he had met on the ship discounting the little girl of course.

A sinking feeling suddenly welled in the pit of his stomach. When she had brushed past to hand over the fork she had snatched his bloody purse! Only now did he feel its absence in his pocket. The degenerate little space rat! A grin slowly formed on his face and he shook his head in wonder.

Looking up at his benefactors he spoke to the woman, "So the good doctor here called you Sister. I take it that is a spiritual honorific rather than a nursing rank." he indicated her attire to point out his reasoning.


Haddie stood outside the El Vie in her new coat and shuffled through the purse. Mostly platinum with several Alliance credits. Enough to enjoy the festivities. She had another purse secreted in the inside pocket of her coat but that was for a special purpose... With a quick glance behind she began to trudge away through he snow towards town. If she met any trouble this time she had the scalpel she had just borrowed from the Docs room. She would give it back later if she did not use it, that was only fair. She was not a thief after all!

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