Solstice Painting 3, Day 5, Afternoon

Serena hurried off for some purpose of recruiting or some such.

Tojiro motioned for another patron to take a seat and he began to stroke another quick caricature drawing. They were becoming more and more surreal as the afternoon wore on. Better he thought, but the patrons seemed not so sure. Less tipping, what a strange custom, and more looks of disappointment and confusion. Much like the reaction of ...

“So mister Jat, how would one invest in some sort of shipment and then resell such a thing at another, er, port of call?” The ink pen went in the ink well and returned to paper, the whisky bottle to his lips for just a little nip, and an eye toward the deck chief.

He had been thinking of such a scheme. Business it was called.

“If one bought a large amount of bottles and then would sell them elsewhere? This is import and export yes?” He handed the complete picture to the last patron, the fiery dragon weaving around the small face of the patron seemed to satisfy her. “And how would one ensure each bottle would be of the quality as the one,” he took another sip, “tested?”

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