A Crew Chief's Work is Never Done (Day 5 Late Afternoon Part 1)

It seemed like the man had 'tested' plenty that day, though oddly it didn't seem to be affecting his drawings.

"Lieutenant by the cubic foot and how long were hauling it. But the export import stuff? There is a ton of logistics to it." Vas said not knowing how much of what he said was being absorbed.

"Taxes, permits, you need contacts, suppliers, buyers and all that. It's not an easy thing to just jump in if you don't got no connections of some kind." Vas wasn't an expert but he saw enough to have an idea what was involved.

"So … I got work to get done. We'll see you back on the ship." Vas said going out to make his escape.


Vas finished ordering supplies for the ship and returned from town. He was barely on the gorram ship five minutes when Riley handed him the manifest and it was quickly pointed out that the ship was overbooked.That meant two things. One? Riley would have to make a call and near double the food order placed, and two, the broken down bunks where going to be moved to the cargo bay to act as makeshift crew quarters until they dropped off some of the passengers.

"Hey guess what Serena … " Vas chirped walking back to the cargo bay looking over the papers. At least there wasn't going to be any major cargo haul.

“You found another room full of boxes need moved?” She asked, getting up from the crew table where she’d been taking a break.

"You wish." Vas snarked. "Worse. We're setting up bunks here in the cargo bay for the crew. Capitan overbooked so we have to make room for the extra passengers." The punk explained

Serena thought for a moment. On one hand, that was a lot of bunks to be set up. On the other… “That won’t be so bad, all of us bunkin’ together. You an me an… an Gil, right?” She asked, her mood improving.

" … and Doc and Haddie and Roose." Vas added on. "That means all the able body deckhand get to put the bunks together."

Serena let out an audible sigh. “And currently I’m the only able bodied deckhand you got.” Her shoulders dropped. “I’ll go find the tool kit, we’ll get this done.”

"I'll start hauling them to the cargo bay … " Vas said dropping the paperwork onto the cargo bay crew table. " … Ah … gotta move the Drogs out here too .. tsk …" He grumbled.

The task for the duo was labor intensive. Three full bunks has to be installed. Six displaced crew bunk beds. Each had to be spaced out with sheets to act as a divider to give some semblance of privacy in addition to having bolted down for stability.

"Had to overbook didn't he." Vas mumbled his displeasure as he held two pieces together while Serena screwed them in place.

“I told him I’d fill the ship.” She replied under her breath, the ratchet making a clickety sound that she didn’t find unpleasant. And the Cargo bay wouldn’t be so bad, “Like a big… sleepover”, she offered.

"Doubt anyone even told the rest of the crew. Left that unsavory bit to me of course." Vas said dryly. "Tsk is already dark. I'm starving what about you?"

“Sure am.” She agreed, wiping her hands on her coveralls. “Unless… is it… Roose’s cookin’?”

"Did he cook?" Vas asked warily. "If he did then it might be a good idea to grab a bit at in down. You know … all that cheap street food … and mulled cider …" The punk said innocently.

“In town?” Serena asked excitedly. “Where the fair is, for Solstice?”

"Any other town nearby having a fair during Solstice?" Vas said with a chuckle.

“No, but what about all the work…” She stopped herself short. If the crew chief said they were going, orders were orders! “I’ll go get cleaned up!” She offered, already half way across the cargo bay.

Vas knew the value of work and getting things done but he also knew the importance of giving crew a chance to relax and have fun. No way he was going to let Serena miss out.

Vas went off in search of the mini stab happy red head. "Haddie … " Vas called. " … you up to go to the fair?" He asked aloud checking the med bay first.

“Just saw her dash off to the cargo bay.” Riley offered. “Assumed she was looking for you.”


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