A Crew Chief's Work (Day 5 Late Afternoon Part 2) Haddie's Gonna Get It

Haddie stood outside the El Vee in her new coat and shuffled through the purse. Mostly platinum with several Alliance credits. Enough to enjoy the festivities. She had another purse secreted in the inside pocket of her coat but that was for a special purpose... With a quick glance behind she began to trudge away through he snow towards town.

A hand clapped down on the girls shoulder. "Stab me and it will be the last thing you do." Vas warned. He wasn't a dummy she wouldn't be so confident if she wasn't carrying a blade on her.

"Where in the nine hell's you think you’re going? Vas asked pointing to her to go back to the ship. It was cold it was making him less and less patient. Gill and Haddie has been the source of a lot of mayhem but her running out to do who knows where without letting anyone know was the last straw. One would think what had happened yesterday would have instilled a sense of caution. "You and I are going to have a talk. Inside. Now."

Serena bounded back to the cargo bay, face freshly washed, her hair in two perfectly aligned pigtails which could get ruined by the hat she carried in her hand, concentrating on getting her jacket zipped as she walked. She looked up just to see the crew chief dragging Haddie in from outside, and his face told her it was no time to whine about going to the fair. Her shoulders dropped. “I’ll go heat something for all us to eat,” she offered. “And put on some tea.”

“Give this back to the Doc,” Vas all but growled, holding out a scalpel.

Serena gave a sympathetic look to the sulking 8 year old and decided she’d hide the hammers, just in case.

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