Nuns Giving Medical Advice (Day 5 - Afternoon)

Looking up at his benefactors he spoke to the woman, "So the good doctor here called you Sister. I take it that is a spiritual honorific rather than a nursing rank." he indicated her attire to point out his reasoning.

Dorian excused himself for a moment and the infirmary door closed behind him leaving just the pair Mr. Bolak and Lyen inside. It was quick work to clean the site before she dabbed the cut itself, careful of the four pointed wounds in Bolak's palm.

"That's right, I am a nun of the Order of the Interverse. Until I found the Veil, I called a xiūdàoyuàn on Santos home. (monastery)" Lyen spoke in a measured tone as she concentrated on her work, "What brought you to New Kasmir?"

While she awaited his response, the nun busied herself locating the gauze and bandage she'd arrange across his hand.

Reclining on the treatment table, Bolak's height was more apparent. She'd never met someone of his stature, but she thought she could tell from his face that he might be used to people judging him on first sight. His clothing was arranged in clean lines and he had a distinct smell of tobacco--though unlike the clove cigarettes which Vas smoked. This was a deeper, earthy smell. For a moment her eye traveled to the left, lost in recollection. It was Cavendish! That sweet, peat aroma brought her back to her childhood with her mother behind the bar at the corner tavern.

Replete with bandages, she dried the man's palm before applying a salve Dorian had set out for her. Palm wrapped, she offered her own apology for the circumstances which brought necessitated the medic. "You're very kind to be so patient, having just arrived onboard. If it's any consolation, I can tell Haddie likes you." Lyen offered a dry smirk, "I'll definitely need to have a talk with her about the 'accident.'"

Lyen stripped off the gloves she wore and discarded them in the waste bin. "We can take another look at it tomorrow to make sure there's no sign of infection. Actually, we have a surgery scheduled after upthrust; afterwards, though, I can take another look if you like." She felt strangely false, standing here, consulting with a patient. A nun offering medical advice! Prattling on about surgeries... Her hand absently traced the wooden prayer beads at her throat.

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