Of Nuns and Neckties (Day 5 - Late Afternoon)

Adler made one final stop at the infirmary. "Our half pint kleptomaniac," he gestured toward the wooden box he held, "proved herself quite adept. She removed a scalpel from this room...right undah tha noses of three adults," he shook his head. "Ah swear that child could teach a mastah class in thievin'." Upon returning the small case to a cabinet, the medic then went into a drawer at his workstation.

"We can't risk her harmin' anyone else with surgical tools," he said. The keys jingled in his hand as he fiddled with the ring. Once he'd managed to free one, he faced the nun. "We'll need tah lock tha infirmary," Dorian said as he offered the key. "This one's yahs. Ah'll make certain Yeva has one as well."

There ensued an awkward silence. For a moment, he couldn't comprehend the subtle mirth in the almond eyes of the Sister. "Ah don't..." he uttered, until memory served up the fact that his necktie was doubtless glowing and flashing it's commemoration of the Aurora Creek Solstice in an array of glowing colors. "Oh...tha tie," Adler loosed a grin. "Ah nearly forgot. A gift from Serena. Ah found it quite charmin'."


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