The Show Must Go On (Day 5 - Late Afternoon)

"Oh...tha tie," Adler loosed a grin. "Ah nearly forgot. A gift from Serena. Ah found it quite charmin'."

That crooked grin splayed across Adler's face; the way he puffed out his chest to emphasize his shimmering prize was enough to break all semblance of decorum in a laugh that bubbled over.

"It's definitely charmin,'" Lyen said, as she slid the key from Dorian's palm, "I can't wait to see the matching suit." She gasped, "Oh, I can't wait to see what Marisol has to say about it!" She cocked her head, "You're really embracing the Solstice spirit. It's infectious."

She smoothed her robe, grin still in her eyes. "In all honesty, it's a wonderful tie. I'm sure Riley will enjoy the spectacle." The key found a home in the pouch at her waist.

Still, the reason for Dorian's concern was legitimate. Haddie had just inflicted another stabbing 'accident' which landed a passenger in the infirmary, and armed herself with something far more lethal than a fork on her way out. The nine-year-old was surely old enough to understand the danger, let alone the trouble which had a hankering for Haddies and Gills. She seemed to be perpetually tempting fate, which in turn landed the pair in all sorts of perilous circumstances.

"I keep thinking I could say something to Haddie, something that might help. But she's almost a teenager. I fear the days of conveying the dangers of the 'Verse may be behind her. I'll have a talk with her all the same." Her gaze returned to the medic.

"Now, I'm going to get ready for the show at the Cabaret. I wanted to see the merchants too, one last time before the Solstice ends." She wanted to see the lights, too. The beautiful aura that permeated the whole sky was by far the most magical time here on New Kasmir. Last night's moonless sky was disheartening, but still she hoped.

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