The Adults in the Room (Day 5 - Late Afternoon)

"In all honesty, it's a wonderful tie. I'm sure Riley will enjoy the spectacle." The amusement still shone in the Sister's eyes.

"Ah conjure it might earn me a throat punch on tha first date," his smile was tight lipped and mischievous. As Dorian locked the pharmacy and surgical tool cabinets, he noted the serious turn of the nun's expression.

"I keep thinking I could say something to Haddie, something that might help. But she's almost a teenager. I fear the days of conveying the dangers of the 'Verse may be behind her. I'll have a talk with her all the same."

"Ah believe," the medic turned to address his partner, "that given tha very grown up trouble we've seen chasin' those kids, young Gill an' his little sistah won't be steppin' off this boat anytime soon. A sad verdict, but we came within a hair's bredth of losin' 'em. They'll be celebratin' their Solstice right here, with Vas Jat keepin' an eye."

"Now, I'm going to get ready for the show at the Cabaret. I wanted to see the merchants too, one last time before the Solstice ends."

Dorian smiled. "Ah've still got a table held in mah name. Yeva's goin'. Riley an' Ah might make it yet, but we've gor dinnah reservations, and," he said with a gentle tap upon the brightly glowing necktie, "Ah need tah pick up somethin' fah Serena. Please give mah apologies tah Marisol if we don't make it."

The pair stepped out of the infirmary. Once the heavy door was firmly locked, both made their respective ways to prepare for the Solstice evening.

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