The Constipation Chronicle Part 2 (Day 6, Early Afternoon)

Vas scrunched his nose at the smell. “Understood. Go … Shower.” He said dismissing the mechanic. “Serena! Get a mop and bucket prepped!” He said as he went to the cockpit report to Riley with the updates.

“On it Crew chief!” She called back, By this rate, Yaz would be unpacked long before she ever got a chance to help.

“Jat!” Came the call from the bridge. Down on the deck was still chaos, passengers were getting settled, bags were being run back and forth, and the lieutenant was making the final preparations. “Where are we with this shit tank situation?”

“Our new mechanic is covered in it.” Vas reported from the door of the cockpit. “Were good to fly to the Skyplex but we’ll need to make repairs while we are there. I’ll get a full report from the mechanic. Situations in hand for now. Passengers are all getting settled. Got a couple stragglers but we should be ready well within our time table.” He reported.

“Should be, or will be?” The lieutenant snapped back.

“Should. If they arrive early we’ll be clear to take off 20 minutes early if you so choose.” Vas said. He did have to take into account those variables.

“Not the answer I’m looking for,” she complained. “Rations we ordered stowed?”

“As of yesterday. Times for meals are posted as well as the crew and Passenger shower use times. Passengers have been informed not to wander into the cockpit, engine room or cargo bay. Though when Captain does his take off announcement … Where is the Captain?” Vas asked notice the man has not made an appearance since last night when he left. Usually by now Keller was nursing a hangover with some whiskey. If anything he wanted to at least make sure he was accounted for.

“See if he’s on board, drunk bastard. I need a final passenger head count, roll call and status report on the tank issue before take off. Clear?”

“Yes Lieutenant.” Vas said off to find the Captain.

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