Bit of Hospitality Part 1 (Day 6, Morning)

“Esteban!” Serena said excitedly to the impeccably dressed man who stepped aboard the Lunar Veil. “Wait until you see it, I made sure everything was cleaned up special, you need help with any bags?”

“Ah’m just fine darlin’, traveling light this go-round.,” he replied with a smile. Serena was doubly happy, one because he had a way of talking that made everything seem bright and two because she didn’t have any heavy bags to lug, and even with that? He still gave her a small white bag filled with cookies as a ‘tip.”

“I didn’t even hardly do nothing!” She said, helping herself to one as Esteban chuckled to himself.

“Tell ya what, there’s plenty more where that came from.” He promised.

Serena’s eyes positively lit up with that. “Oh, OH! Wait, sorry, near forgot, we gotta get you checked in on the manifest, the crew chief, he takes care of that and the whole crew… I think he was in the galley, if you want, I’m pretty sure we got tea for anyone who wants it too.”

“Lead on!” Esteban said with a knowing glance. “Lead on.”

True to her word Vas was in the galley talking to passengers and getting them onboarded where it was more comfortable. It also meant the cargo bay could start warming up. Either way luggage was being neatly organized to the side to be moved to the passenger’s rooms.

“Oh hey Serena -” Vas started and paused for a long moment as he looked over the man she was escorting. He blinked his train of though derailed.

Serena finished the bit of cookie she’d shoved into her mouth. “Crew Chief, got a passenger to be checked in, Single Stateroom number three, this here is “Esteban Cortez, and his destination is Pelorum only got one bag with ‘em and one small trunk on account of he wants to travel light.”

Esteban couldn’t help the smile that formed over his lips, his eyes crinkling in the corners as he eyeballed Vas Jat. He never thought he’d see the punk again… alive, that is. “Pleasuah.” He said, holding out a hand to shake. “Your Deckhand was showing me your wonderful Hospitality.

Vas visibly twitched, jaw clenched he extended his hand shaking Estaban’s. “She’s good like that.” Vas said in a tight crisp voice.

“An’...” Serena added excitedly. “He gave me a whole bag of almond cookies just for helpin’ him get settled into his stateroom. Oh, an’ I promise I’ll make you tea later, bring it right to your room.” She said, crossing her heart. “Want one Crew Chief?” She held the small bag out for the Crew Chief, should he choose to ‘indulge’ as well.

“Don’t sha worry, I bake ‘em mah self.” Estaban said with a warm smile.

Vas tried not to simultaneously reel ban and turn green. “Uuuuuuhhhhhh m-maybe later. It’s kind of crazy right now.” He said clearing his throat. “Why not show him where he’ll be staying … lots to do Ki- er … Serena.” Vas said eyed Estaban before going back to his paperwork.

“He wasn’t about to call ya ‘killah’ now was he darlin?” he asked, putting a hand on the small of the girl’s back. Serena covered her mouth with her hand to giggle. “No, huh?” He eyed the mowhawked punk one more time. “Pity. Say, ya wouldn’t mind if ah had a word with ya in private, would ya, ‘Crew Chief?”

((JP, Blitzen, Winters))

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