Bit of Hospitality Part 2 (Day 6, Morning)

Vas gave a sharp exhale. “A short word. Go and get his luggage stowed Serena.” Vas said ticking his head for the girl to scatter.

Serena glanced at the crew chief who was suddenly being weird, but quickly did as told,

The well-dressed man stepped in closer to Vas. “Yah look mighty good for ah deadman, kid.” He began.

“Never said I was dead. You all just assumed it.” Vas said stiffly. “I never bothered to correct it.”

“Real nice set up ya have, heard all about it. Dentist and everything, fix your teeth while you’re out in the black. Crew just like family. Be a shame, any harm came to any of them.”

“Only harm that might come would be from you and as far as I figure … both our hands are tied in the matter. Least until Pelorum.” Vas said crossing his arms, he didn’t look it but his heart ready to pound its way out of his chest.

“Uh huh. In that case, then it’s up to you what happens, ‘crew chief.’ Look forward tah seeinn’ yah around. “

“Just remember you are a guest in my home.” Vas said eyes cold. Why was the room suddenly so hot? “So play nice.” He warned his chest feeling tight with anxiety.

Esteban had just turned to leave, but Vas’s comment snapped him back fast. “You just remember who you’re talking to, boy.” He warned.

Vas tried not to flinch at the tone but the punk was wound up pretty tight at the moment. He had to remind himself he wasn’t a kid anymore … so why did he still feel like one at the moment?

“Mind your tone. Like you said, I’m a guest. Is that how I taught you to treat guests?”

“Kyōshuku.” Vas replied stiffly.

“Accepted.” Esteban replied, the smile creeping back on his face. “Oh, it is good to see you again. Just like a lost dog, you got used to shitting and pissing wherever you wanted, looks like you might need to be re-housebroken. Good thing we have a nice long trip in front of us to make that happen.” Esteban’s harsh demeanor changed as he turned away from the boy, whistling a light-hearted tune as he retreated to his room.

Vas waiting till he was gone before scowling and sitting down in the chair to breathe again. “Fucking Damnit.” He muttered wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.

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