Prepping the Infirmary: (Preflight)

The vitamins and medications were all stocked carefully away for the upcoming flight. As Dorian inventoried the rest of their drug supply, his thoughts were elsewhere on the boat. Today, Riley Thorne was never far from his mind. Their night together had cemented a bond he’d not only longed for over a period of months, but judging by the buoyance in his overall demeanor, and the fact that his mind had come alive with possibilities, he’d become aware of a deeper need within himself that was finally being met.

Kate hummed to herself as she organized all the fresh items into their customary shelves and bins. Careful to maintain Yeva’s voice at all times now, she filled the infirmary with a steady stream of chatter.

“You should have come to cabaret,” Yeva said. “Marisol did song for you.”

Adler turned from his work. “Is that right? Which one?”

“Was surprise. I cannot tell. I do have capture!” she offered brightly.

“Then we’ll put it up on tha big screen. Have yah seen Sistah Lyen?”

“I think,” Yeva squatted before an open cabinet, “she had errand in town.”

“Mmmm,” he checked the watch he always wore in the infirmary. It had been a mysterious gift, but the medic had his suspicions as to the identity of his benefactor. “She’s cuttin’ it a bit close.”

“She was at cabaret last night, too. And captain!” Yeva exclaimed as she packed away the supplies. “I ask, and he come with me!”

And your night didn’t end there, judging by the noise from Keller’s cabin, Dorian thought, a secretive smile on his face as he ticked off his checklist. The amorous couple had managed to awaken both Riley and himself with a loud series of bangs, Yeva’s laughter, and eventually, the more gutteral grunts and cries of their evening’s fulfilment. “Did he enjoy tha show? Can’t imagine he was much fah tha trans moments.”

She giggled. “He was so much fun! One man on stage…tall one?”

“Arturo, if memory serves.”

“Yes…Arturo…he wears dress. Picks on captain. Was so funny!”

He chuckled. “Sorry Ah missed that. Sounds like tha whole night was somethin’ tah behold.”

“You get to watch,” Yeva replied.

“So,” the medic changed the topic, “has anyone seen Mistah Roose? Ah’d like tah run full scans on that knee tahday.”

“Sister and I both look for him.”

Dorian locked the pharmacy cabinet. “Fair enough. We’ll take care of Mistah Gill after we’re away. May have anothah patient this aftahnoon.”

“Who, Doktor?” she asked.

“Miss Serena. Wants tah get her ears pierced. Stupid Dorian didn’t considah that when he bought her a pair of earrings at tha Solstice fair.”

“Awwwww,” Yeva cooed. “That is so nice! I will assist, yes?”

“Yah’ll lead. Lyen shall assist. Ah,” Adler smiled, “shall supahvise.”

The medic in training nodded her agreement. “When do I take…how you say…doktor test?”

“BCE,” Adler turned back to face her. “Board Certification Examination…yeah…that’s a mouthful. ‘Doctah test,” he chuckled. “Not fah awhile yet. As overbooked as we are…an’ all of us bunkin’ in tha cargo bay togethah, we’re bound tah see an uptick in communicable viruses an’ infections,” he answered. “Good opportunity fah both yahself an’ tha Sistah tah sharpen up yah diagnostic skills.” He paused, awaiting her eye to find his. “Y’all work things out?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “I am think Sister had bad morning, and I needed sleep. We fix between us. All better now.”

“Excellent,” Adler replied with a mischievous grin. “Ah’m gettin’ used tah a cadre of beautiful women answerin’ mah ev’ry beck and call.”

“Doktor, you are bad!’ Yeva laughed.

“Tha worst,” he quipped.

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