One more thing ... (Preflight)

OOC: Jp between Winters and Blitzen

Naturally, it being the closest and giving the Captains history Keller's room was the first and closest stop. Keller room was not a place you tramped in givin it was typically in a perpetual state of a man suffering from severe depression. Or perpetually drunk he wasn’t sure which.

The young punk was halfway down when the wiff of stale booze and stale sex became evident. The loud snoring was more than an indicator that the Captain was both on the ship and alive. The one thing that stood out though was the odd crinkle of paper under his boot.

Not wanting to wake the captain Vas carefully made his way down the fish the paper from the floor where it had fallen. Figuring it was nothing more than trash giving the state of things he was curious as to why it was on the ladder … at first, it looked like an invoice but he could see the writing on the back ....

Good Morning Handsome Man!

Remember this:

1. You are the Captain.
2. Last night, you hired Short Stack (Marisol)
3. You promised to order Vas Jat to never touch Short Stack again.

You were FANTASTIC!!!

Your devoted Firecracker (Yeva) xoxo

Vas shook his head. He would have felt disappointed in Marisol but he would have had to hold her in higher regard first. But Yeva? She seemed like such a nice person but if Jacy taught him anything it was you don’t really know someone’s true colors … until you do. He walked back to the cockpit.

“Lieutenant, Captain is stowed in his room still asleep. I also found this hanging on the ladder.” Vas said holding out the letter to Riley.

Riley read the letter quickly and rolled her eyes. Typical Keller. At least he didn’t give anyone a raise - even though it seemed he got one himself. “Go put this back where you found it. We needed a mechanic, we got ourselves a mechanic.”

“Yes, Lieutenant.” Vas nodded. “Should I be prepared for that stern talking to from the Captian then?” He asked his voice of sarcasm.

“We have a lot of passengers - let’s not have any more shit shows, don mah? … Other than the literal shit show that just -- you know what I mean. Find a way to get along.”

“So long as she can follow orders …” That was after all what caused this little soap opera to kick off. “... Everything will be fine.” Vas paused for a long moment. “So do I have to have sex with the Captain to get a raise or handjob for a vacation? Just feeling out my options.“ The Crew Cheif joked giggling.

Riley shot him what could only be called ‘the look’ from over her cortex. “Quit your bellyaching, we got plenty of old biddies on board if you want to gossip about the unfairness of it all. So if you’re done?”

Vas tried to suppress the giggle fit. “Oh I could keep going but I value my life so … I’m just going to put this back and fix the chore list now that we have an extra pair of hands.” He said wiping away a laugh tear.

“You do that. Like I said, we have a lot of passengers this go-round, you don’t know which of ‘em might lead to bigger and better jobs. Make sure your crew stays busy, I don’t want none of them mouthing off to the passengers. And mind Haddie, would you? I don’t want her in any of the rooms, I get one report of anything gone missing --” She let the threat hang.

“Way ahead of you regarding Haddie, Lieutenant.” Vas assured her. That girl was already on thin ice as it was. “Only one who going to be dealing with passengers is Serena who will be doing turndown. Folk like her bubbly talkativeness. Heard someone call her charming and a ray of sunshine or some such. Either way, there is always something to do on a ship this full.”

“Just make sure she isn’t being a pain in the ass.” The lieutenant warned, shoving the note back at him.

“I’ll charge her by the word.” He joked feeling in a jovial mood. “She’s a good deckhand. I’ll make sure she behaves.” He said more seriously.

“No doubt in my mind,” The lieutenant replied, waving dismissively. “Hop to.”

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