Accounting (Afternoon)

Bolak took a long drag on his pipe. The room was cramped but it would do. He sat on the side of his bed, feet dangling and his injured hand held unconsciously to his chest. He had been working through his tally of credits and favours from his recent exchanges on New Kashmir and had just put the Cortex pad aside his accounting done for the day. Mr Mok sat on the deck his knees tucked to his chest and his Stetson gripped firmly on his lap. He had not been overly talkative since their return to the vessel which was unusual.

"Business taken care of down there?" Bolak asked.

Mok turned his hat slowly by the brim as he spoke, "All done and dusted, I called off the hounds. Though I can’t promise they’ll all take heed. The crew here drew blood, not to mention the kids and that won’t be forgotten quickly."

"Good good, best we can expect I suppose. The kids deserves a break. We know what went down at the Plex now and I am not a bloody bounty hunter to go dragging people in for questioning." Bolak took another long drag on his pipe and glanced down at his injured hand.

Mok laughed, "A bounty hunter? Not likely, you couldn’t overpower a kitten and you can't shoot worth shit."

"Interesting family they found up here." Bolak observed ignoring the barb.

"Are they? Can't say I took much notice. An ex fed and a bunch of rim world misfits as far as I can tell. Nothing unique."

"No I suppose not." Bolak replied as he tapped out the ash from his pipe, but there was a catch in his voice that indicated he did not agree at all.

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