Night Shift (Pre-Landing, Afternoon)

“Let’s go, Jat, Go get some shut eye.” Riley said as she held open the door to the bridge.

When Vas has been asked, rather out of the blue to watch the cockpit overnight he was elated. Not only did this mean that he was getting back to learning to pilot The Veil but also trusted by Riley again. Maybe even forgiven for whatever he had done in the first place (he still wasn’t clear on that but he wasn’t dumb enough to dredge it up). So essentially he wasn’t going on questioning shit!

Granted it was a bit of a slog of a whole bunch of nothing but Verbena was in full view and the ship prepped to land. “Yes Lieut >YAWN< enant.” He said getting up rubbing his eyes. A full 24 hours and he was more than ready to crash into bed. “Should be afternoon where we touch down. Everything is all set it was smooth sailing all night.” Vas reported yawning again. He could hear is bed calling with its siren song all the way form the cockpit.

“Excellent. Get some sleep. We’ll touch base before we take off for Beaumonde, If you’re going to be piloting overnights, we’ll work out a schedule for the crew during the day so you can have downtime, I don’t want you working 24 hour shifts, falling asleep on either job.” Twelve hours on, Twelve hours off. Right now it was the most logical solution. Without Mach, long hauls were near impossible for one person, and while the ship was equipped with proximity alarms, they’d cover more territory if the job was divided between the two of them. “Maybe a briefing in the morning for the crew before you turn in, I don’t know, like I said, we’ll figure something out. But for now? Turn in. You look like hell.”

“Well, that’s how you know how I did a good job.” He joked with a goofy smile. “Yea well work out a system after I get some sleep. Roose should be fine cooking, Marisol is set to fix the tanks and Serena has turndown in hand.” That should keep the crew busy for some time and him, set to not be bothered for a long while.

“Good, good job. You can tell the crew if they need anything in the next 8 to see Keller preferably, or me. After we touch down, I’ll be available. I’ll try and recruit another pilot or at the least a deckhand, but after we touch down, crew can move back into their own bunks.”

“They'll be happy to hear that.” Vas nodded. “We’ll see what the situation looks like when we >Yawn< land. But as we start to unload folk the work will lighten up with it.” He noted.

“I’m looking forward to Highgate for that very reason, Jat. Put some thought into it before we take off.” Riley replied. “And for now?” She raised both eyebrows. “Get off my bridge.”

“Yes, Lieutenant.” Vas said with a stretch and yawn before heading to the cargo bay.

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