Welcome To Adamson On Verbena

Hey everyone!

Now that we have officially landed on Verbena it is not unusual for us to scatter about in search of personal plots/cause trouble or further storylines which of course we encourage. Just fair warning our stay will not be long so just give us, the Mods, ahead up so we can make sure it will all fit.

Now normally we have good rhythm we follow but we DO have some new blood so I just wanted to give a little info on how things run when we go wandering off the boat.

If your plot is one-shot (or multi-part) that had a defined beginning or end (known as a closed post) you’re fine! Just make sure to label what day it’s taking place (Location would be nice too!) in the title!

If you are writing a post that is open for anyone to join or where you tagging someone, make sure to maintain the same title along with what day it is taking place and the location.

We have found this makes keeping track of posts way easier and makes them super easy to find!

Now just a little follow up on the planet we landed on …

Welcome Verbena is the second planet of the of the Kalidasa system. Verbana is a lush world of thick forests, making the land difficult to clear and farm, though several fruit-producers have done well with large orchards.

The world was largely underdeveloped until the Alliance made it a centerpiece of its “rejuvenation after Unification” campaign. Government incentives funded new construction, including factories to supply parts for military vehicles.

Military government factories seemed a promising start for Verbena, but that ended when former Independent soldiers-turned-terrorist bombed a number of factories, killing hundreds of people and destroying a number of factories. The bombing sent the world into an economic depression and—far worse—created an atmosphere of paranoia, fear, and hatred for Browncoats and the Independence movement. There were riots, lootings, burnings, as both sides lost their heads.

The Alliance has pledged to help the people of Verbena, but the appropriate legislation and resolutions had been trapped in parliamentary committees. The world is low on the government’s list of priorities. Some folk have fled, hoping to find a better life elsewhere. Many more would like to leave, but don’t have the means, and so remain trapped.


The town we are landing in Adamson and factory and mining town filled to the brim with rough handed blue-collar workers. Giving the abundance of wood all the houses and buildings are log cabin styled giving it a very western 19th century feel. While there are plenty of horses and carriage and technology is limited given the poor state of the planet as a whole.

Adamson is the first town to benefit from a new government factory. This comes at a crucial time with the primary mine is starting to provide less and less material each year. This factory will save the town and if all goes well be the catalyst that pulls the planet out of its economic depression. A lot is riding on this.

That being the case the town is bursting with people coming from all over hoping to get work and while this may on the surface look good it has caused tensions to run high, the saloon deals with fights on a near daily basis. The local law is overworked trying to keep the peace and several people had been run out of town by mobs of townsfolk on the mere accusation of past Browncoat connections.

A small security force is more or less permanently stationed in Adamson. While ostensibly there to guard against more terrorist action, it is really there to watch the growing restless population.

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