Keller and his Captaining

Keller had made it a priority to make the rounds with the passengers for the past day and a half, and it, in his opinion, was exhausting. He was lively at two different dinner shifts, chatting it up and telling tales of sailing to this galaxy or that. He drank and had cigars with others, and Roose might have been a lousy cook -- but he was a hell of a bartender. People seemed to love his stories as well. He was, however happy that they were about to break atmo on Verbena, because that did mean a large chunk of them would be getting off.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,” he said into the mic, unprompted by Riley. “We’re going to be breaking atmosphere in a few moments, so we once again ask that you return to and remain in your cabins until prompted to do otherwise by myself or by a member of our crew. The local time on Verbena is 12:00 noon, and the weather is…”

“HOT,” Riley called from the cockpit.

“Hot,” he parroted. “Those who are disembarking here, please make sure you take all of your belongings because otherwise, we’re off in 47 hours, they will ‘belong’ to us. Those staying aboard, our next stop will be Beaumonde as we make our way to Highgate. Please make sure you are onboad the ship because with or without you - we will take off, and your credits will not be refunded.

Once again, we hope you have enjoyed your time aboard, and if not, we remind you again, your credits will not be refunded. On behalf of the crew of the Lunar Veil, it was a pleasure having all of you aboard, except for you, Ms. Weber, personally I found you to be a giant pain in the ass.”

“Weber is with us til Beaumonde,” Riley reminded him.


“If you check the manifest, she’s not slated to get off until Beaumonde.”

“Sonuvabitch.” He keyed the mic again. “I of course am just kidding. I look forward to seeing you and hearing more of your complaints about the ship once we take off for Beaumonde. If anyone needs assistance, please flag down a crew member, they’ll be happy to help and once again, we thank you for flying with the Lunar Veil.”

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