Pre-op with the Doc pt.1

Joint post with Sail, Turk, and Wanderingwolf

The treatment table whirred softly as it folded into a chair configuration. The screen above glowed with images of their next patient’s knee. Roose, the new cook, was scheduled for a pre-op visit this afternoon. If all went as planned, Dorian and his two assistants would be conducting that surgery the next day, as Lunar Veail sailed the black toward Beaumonde.

When he had received the invitation for the pre-op, Roose was understandably concerned, more so because he didn’t really understand what those words meant and was hoping there wasn’t anything nasty waiting for him when he walked into the doc’s office on the ship. He had gotten up at the crack of dawn, though he wasn’t too sure if he could use that expression anymore given that he wasn’t too damn sure where the sun was, but still he seemed to be up before most of the others had roused themselves.

This gave him a nice chance to get a head start on prepping breakfast before the others could start bothering him. The kitchen looked like a mess, well at least it would if David Roose had any experience with kitchens beyond his own bare-bones setup. There seemed to be a bit of mess leftover from some previous event, but it wasn’t anything that kept him from starting the meal prep.

Had to make a good impression with the first meal, of course, and thankfully enough there was some sausages still left over...or at least they had the same shape as the sausages. A quick frying up of those with a healthy dosage of powdered eggs meant that there was at least enough food to feed the group. Well, at least Roose hoped it would.

With his duties finished, and the smell of eggs and meat following closely behind him, he finally made his way to the med bay and into the office of the good doctor.

“Mistah Roose,” Dorian offered his hand. “Good tah see yah again. If Ah haven’t said so before, welcome aboard.” He gestured toward the nun in her bright orange kasaya robe. “This is Sistah Lyen Giu, mah assistant.“

Ly greeted the grisled man with a bow of her head, hands in the united-palm. “Amituofo Mr. Roose.” The assistant moved to the opposite side of the examination seat, to mirror the medic. Roose was something of a first for Lyen, having been thrown into just about every other medical encounter in urgency. First was Dorian’s eye with Vas, then Gill’s leg. In contrast, with Roose’s procedure she’d been part of the planning process with Dorian from start to finish. Watching the medic form a plan was something akin to watching an artist channel his vision from chisel and stone.

“Yeva...the medic yah rode tha search in town at tha moment. When we repair yah knee, it’ll be all three of us here with yah. Kindly have a seat, and roll up yah trouser leg, if yah would.”

Never being one to deny proper introductions, Roose shook the Doctor’s hand with a firm and friendly grip. “Pleasure’s mine doc, and I already had the pleasure of meeting with Sister Lyen back home.” He gave her a nod and a small smile. He leaned into the seat before finally letting his whole weight fall onto it, keeping as much off the knee as possible. And just like his last visit, he carefully rolled up his pant leg to reveal the knee.

“Still botherin’ yah,” Dorian observed, “even aftah tha cortisone injections.” From a drawer he produced a small case which con tained the four sensory heads diagnostic equipment. “Ah know that Yeva did this tha othah night,” he offered. “We're gonna take additional time tahday fah a set of very high resolution scans. There’s a hospital we consult with. When we do yah surgery, they’ll provide their staff orthopedist. She’ll be online with us,” the ship's medic explained.

Once the four little probes were affixed, Dorian nodded toward the nun. “When yah ready, Sistah, kindly begin tha scan.”

The large cortex in her hand displayed patient readings immediately after the medic concluded his work. With a few deliberate taps, just as Dorian had shown her, Lyen initiated the scan and a flurry of data began populating the screen. Looking up from her work, the nun noticed that Roose appeared uncomfortable, perhaps from the condition of his leg.

She lowered the cortex, “Everything is looking good, Mr. Roose. The scan is starting up, and we’ll have you out of here as soon as we can.” Lithely stepping to the sink, Lyen returned to her patient’s side with a small cup of water and a smile. “I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful smell coming from the galley on my way here. I hope there’s still some left after we finish.”

David beamed at the compliment, a rare thing to receive for his cooking. Back home he was lucky to get a grunt of approval or to at least have his food be kept in someone's stomachs, but thankfully those early days of experimenting were over. "Thank you very kindly, I hope so as well. Didn't do anything special at all for it so I'd hold off until I break out something really special."

She’s got a real knack for this, Dorian thought as he admired Lyen’s kindness. He drew back, folding his arms as he studied the overhead screen. Even at this early point in the scan, the damage to Roose’s knee was obvious. “There it is,” he said. “Let’s turn this chair around tah give yah a look.”

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