Blame game! (Day 1 Afternoon - After Landing)

Vas freshly showered and feeling very human now yawn again as he headed down the stairs to the crew dubbed ‘cot city’. Vas didn’t mind the heat, it was nicer than being cold all the time that was for sure.

Riley herded Haddie off towards the showers to clean up, giving a small chuckle as the ‘tot’ toddled off. The half pint-sized Picasso had really done a number on herself with the condiments from what she could tell, which left her with one more task at hand before she headed back out into the blazing sun to try and stir up business before take off. “Jat!” she called, just before the punk had a chance to drop himself onto his bunk. “ Flight deck. Now.”

Vas scrunched his nose as Haddie walked passed him and very nearly groaned when Riley called. Sleep was going to be an elusive beast today apparently. He made his way in PJ’s no less to the flight deck. He closed the door behind him before speaking. “The HELL happened to Shanky?”

“That’s what we’re going to discuss. Just give it one minute.” She folded her arms, drumming her fingers against her elbow then motioned for Vas to open the door. “You too, Pigtails,” she added to the sheepish looking teen who was caught red-handed. “Inside.”

Serena gave Vas a quick glance as she complied, staying half a step behind the Crew Chief.

“Whose responsibility was it to make sure the kitchen was secured last night?” The lieutenant asked, not beating around any bushes. They’d discussed keeping everything locked tight to discourage any passenger ‘midnight snackers.’

Vas raised a hand. “I made sure 11 o’clock it was all locked up.” He stated.

“Made sure?” She asked. “If you ‘made sure’ - how is it that we have a 9 year old who seemingly took a bath in burger toppings?”

“Maybe she’s added locking picking to her repertoire.” Vas suggested in a serious tone.

“I got some sugar for Mr. Cortez’s tea a little after that, or it may have been before, I wasn’t really watching the clock,” Serena offered. “But I know I locked everything back up.”

The lieutenant shot a look over to the crew chief. “So either our 9 year old is now picking locks, or you simply forgot. Which do you think is the more likely?”

“You mean the same 9 year old we know nothing about and had to hide all the sharp object so she can’t get at them? That 9 year old? The one who stabbed a fed with a screwdriver 9 year old. But her picking locks is too far fetched?” Vas said dryly. Yea this ship was loaded with normal now wasn’t it. “Just because she’s 9 doesn’t make her less capable. So no it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.”
“So apparently she needs more looking after, which still falls under your responsibility. Edwards, I don’t believe you locked anything. I checked the supplies in the kitchen, we’re going to have to restock on Beaumonde which means it’s coming out of your checks, equally.”

Vas just gave a small sigh. “Yes, Lieutenant.” He said taking it on the chin. Looked like he a haddie were going to have another chat. But not now … Vas was in need of sleep. However, Haddie was now grounded. No more unsupervised trips outside the ship. Knives were going back and if he caught her with a blade he didn’t give her … well … he would have to talk to Riley. If Gill couldn’t keep her in like Vas would and he wasn’t near as nice as Gill. Vas was tired of taking hits for that kid.

“Sorry, Crew chief, I thought I locked everything back up.”

“I don’t doubt it. But I’m Crew Cheif. Don’t matter if it were you, Roose or Doc. It’s my responsibility in the end.” Vas said trying to suppress a yawn.

“I’ll be more careful, honest and swear.” She told him, as the lieutenant shooed them off her bridge. There was a lawn chair that had her name on it.

“I know. I’m going to have to lay some ground rules for Haddie. She ain’t allowed to leave, not without someone, specifically, an actual adult and *my* express permission. Girl is grounded hard. Anyone give you guff wake my sorry ass up and *I* will deal with it.” Vas instructed. “I’ll hash out the rest later. I’m going to bed.”

“No one’s gonna give me guff, Crew Chief, don’t you worry, I been a spacer a long time. I can do what needs done.”

“You got this.” Vas said absently patting her on the head before heading back to the cargo bed for some coveted sleep!

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