Nuns Counting Blessings (Day 2 - Late Evening)

The day was finally done, and Lyen leaned against the cat walk overlooking 'cot city.' Ly was humming to herself, a soft tune from a chant she'd repeated many times in temple. She'd just come from a late trip to the galley, finding only some leftovers and Marisol for company. Roose's stew reheated well, and Marisol had added some of her own spice to a bowl they shared.

She noticed that nothing had settled down for the mechanic after upthrust. Still, with all the hats she wore, Marisol seemed to bloom most in the galley waiting on passengers, taking orders, and whisking between patrons--just like she had at the Cabaret de Montagne. One evening, she'd even spied the mechanic-gone-server sporting a handsome bow tie from her shenanigans on New Kasmir. The nun grinned at the memory of seeing Marisol beneath the stage lights of the cabaret.

Ly could tell that the woman was tired, from the way she planted both elbows on the table, spoon hanging in the air between bites. If she wasn't careful, Marisol could catch cold from burning both ends of the candle. The two women spent the repast catching up on the gossip of the ship, how Serena was doing post-op, how Rebel's recuperation fared and how having three legs somehow made him all the more endearing. Now, Lyen drew the wooden prayer beads from around her neck and started working her way through in her hands, one after another.

She prayed for Gill, in his recovery. The poor boy had been laid up for so long and it wasn't his temperament to be such. She'd chat with him when she could, or when she brought him meals, but it was obvious he was going stir crazy. Perhaps she'd stop by his room before she turned in with a snack, if he was still up.

Serena, too, was in her prayers. It was a strange feeling, having medically ministered to both adolescents. Serena's recovery was going very well, and her spirit was unshaken. It was encouraging to see her buoyant spirit even under the duress she'd withstood.

And so it went as Lyen assigned each bead to a member of the crew. She lingered over the Captain's, as he had a great many things requiring entreaty to the 'Verse. Finally she came to Marisol.

She prayed for strength, for perseverance, for bright days ahead. She prayed that Marisol would feel the sangha of the 'Verse surround her, beckoning her toward the dharma of peace and respite. Her humming renewed as she considered how she had grown to admire the mechanic, the mother, the woman. Marisol had indeed grown into a dear friend, and Ly silently plotted a method to steal more time. Perhaps a reprise of her performance in the cabaret was finally in order! The nun nodded her head, yes, it was a selfish plot, but it would be good to see her sing again.

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