Sucker Punch

Sometimes the Verse made no sense. Haddie sat up on the walkway overlooking the cargo bay, swinging her legs back and forth. She shouldn't be up here she supposed. She supposed that any minute now old meany pants Vas would turn up to scold her and scoot her away back to her room. Or worse... chores.

Gill was boring at the moment. She loved him dearly but he couldn't play or even walk and that Serena girl was always around giving him big wide eyed smiles and blathering on about gods knows what. She had been avoiding Marisol and Lyen since the... food fight. She wasn't ready to consider that just yet and they would want to talk her ears off about it all. It was bad enough with Gill poking her in the ribs every five minutes hoping he could make her squeal. Her brother was so stupid sometimes.

She usually liked the cold emptiness of space travel. The long silences between breaking atmo on one world then another, but this time round it felt confining. She longed to roam free, to have an adventure. She closed her eyes and...

"You dropped this." Haddie looked up to see Dorian towering over her. He was wearing a long brown trench coat and was handing her a black military helmet with a pack of candy smokes and a packet of water balloons fixed tight into the strap around the rim. The word "Shanky" was daubed across it in red crayon. She accepted the helmet and pushed it on with a nod.

They were standing in a withered field with wisps of smoke curling mere inches above the ground. She could hear the distant sounds of a firefight and smell the charred remains of burned bodies. Looking down she wore thick leather boots over knee high white socks. A chain belt holding several knives sat over her black tutu skirt and her faded brown leather jacket covered a dirty white vest with the same word "Shanky" printed on the front.

"Captains up on the rise." Adler was saying. His words interspersed by the sharp barking of the three legged dog that stood by his side. "Need to get word ta him before tha Alliance get here."

They were moving then. Running through the fields towards a distant hill. A large explosion tore up the earth to their right and several retorts from a distant weapon sent bright molten sparks darting across their path. A sharp cry for help brought them to a halt as they listened for the source.

"Help!" the cry came again and they darted to the right following the familiar voice. Clambering over a cratered rise they saw a mob of Reavers surrounding two of their allies. Lyen was lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding, while Vas stood over her fending of their attackers with an iron bar. He would not last much longer.

Haddie and Adler shared a silent glance before springing into action. The Doctor drew a pistol and took the first Reaver in the back of the head spraying the others with its blood and brains. Haddie drew two knives from her belt and ran low into the mob slashing to either side as she went. Reavers fell with their tendons sliced through by the razor sharp blades. She slid across the ground to avoid their grasps and rolled to land and pivot near Vas.

"Nice work kid." Vas winked as he hit a home run with a reaver head sending it into a back flip with blood and teeth trailing. Up in the lip of the crater Dorian was making short work of the crazed beasts, every bullet hitting home.

One of the beasts broke through and lurched towards the prone Lyen. Haddie whirled and jumped up onto its back sinking one dagger into his shoulder to gain purchase and running the second along its throat to release a gout of hot red blood.

The mob down Adler ran towards Lyen and began to check her over. Haddie watched as he went about his work. She absently cleaned her knives in the carcass of a nearby reaver.

"Doc.." Vas called back to them and then again more urgently, "Doc?"

"What is it?" the man began but fell silent as he too saw the ring of Alliance troops that was now forming around the craters border. "Shit."

Their ranks parted and a tall thin woman stepped out to look down on them. She gave them a familiar smile as she flicked blonde hair from in front of her eyes.

"You!" hissed Vas.

"We meet again." Jacy replied.

Haddie moved like lightning throwing a dagger towards the woman's chest as Vas tried to reach down and stop her screaming "No!"

He need not have worried, Jacy was too fast. She caught the blade laughing and flung it to the ground.

"You'll pay for that." she glowered down at Haddie.

The earth began to rumbled and Jacy looked around her face falling in sudden shock. "Run." she cried just as a huge explosion threw most of her men from their feet. Dorian opened fire and Vas charged in bar raised. Jacy did not stay to fight as she ran for dear life. A vast tank was approaching from the direction of the hill. munitions tore into the Alliance men reducing them to red mist and mince meat and Haddie sliced into several of them who sought refuge in the crater. Throwing a knife into the eye of one and opening up the bowels of another.

When the tank came to a halt there were no Feds left standing. The hatch burst open and Riley emerged. A patch over one eye and a nasty scar on her cheek.

"Well what are you waiting for? An invitation?" she called down and they all scrambled up onto the tank, taking Lyen with them. Haddie peaked down below to see Marisol at the wheel. She flashed a grin upwards, "Hey there short stuff, Captain sends his regards."

The journey to the hill was a quick one. They made the rise in time to see the Captain as he watched them arrive before turning and heading back into the Veil. Gill stood there outside in a long brown coat like Dorian, he carried a rifle and wore a dark stetson. He winked at Haddie as she jumped down from the tank. Serena was standing at his side in a long flowing white dress, her hair up in braids. She was clinging to Gills arm and watching him dreamily as he peered off into the distance surveying the battle field.

Haddie kicked him in the shins on the way past causing him to shout out.. "Hey Haddie... Haddie... HADDIE!"

Haddie opened her eyes. She was sitting in the cargo bay her legs still swinging.

"Haddie." someone called from below and she looked down.

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