Sucker Punch - Part 2: There will be blood!

"Haddie," she called, "I... I think I need you to call Doc."

Her hands were pressed to her abdomen, red glistening over her clenched fists. White-faced, "Hurry..." slipped from her lips as she stared up at the dangling child, wide-eyed. Her hand slipped, smearing her kasaya robe in a fingered trail.

Haddie's eye tracked Ly sleepily at first. Then, when understanding dawned, those swinging legs froze. The owner leaned out over the walkway, peering down at the woman directly beneath, mouth open.

The nun slid to the floor, a fresh handprint dark upon the steel of the cargo bay floor. She inhaled sharply, glancing around her, then up again. Raising both hands, the nun interrogated her crimson palms, before gasping and gawking at Haddie, her mouth agape. Lyen's face twisted, contorting in pain.

Then, there were only teeth.

Teeth in a huge smile as the nun licked her finger, a bottle of ketchup materializing from thin air. "Gotcha!" she cried from her seat on the cargo bay, waving the bottle triumphantly.

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